It seems to me as if Mitt Romney’s ‘loss’ could well have been a fix.

Now, there are many religious Americans who have said that it is God’s plan. Quite possibly, however, consider the following:

1/ Reading Kevin DuJan’s HillBuzz commenters’ first-hand reports of queues at polling stations around the country and, prior to that, the newspaper accounts of 10,000 to 20,000+ people attending Mitt Romney’s rallies (e.g. Red Rocks, Colorado and Defiance, Ohio), there is no way that a) Romney lacked public support and b) the voting numbers were below that of 2008. In fact, I fully expected news stories to appear on Wednesday, November 7, saying that the US had a record voter turnout. I believe there was a record GOP turnout.

2/ Astute observers will have read Lame Cherry‘s and Ulsterman‘s White House Insider warnings that the election could be stolen. They posted their warnings well in advance of Election Day. Here are excerpts from their follow-up observations (emphases mine).

a) Lame Cherry:

This is all Scytl, SOE and … electronic voting machine. As I warned you, this is now legitimized … Romney knows completely what was done and he like this entire treacherous lot will say nothing to reveal any of this …

The numbers said it all. Mitt Romney won the election fairly, but as this blog reported months ago, Obama could still steal it. Obama did just that and each of you was fed the hope that trusting in elections it would save you, so that you would not go into revolution.

You will be told now to wait until 2014 and trust in that. This is all scripted

b) The Ulsterman Report’s White House Insider:

WHI: … I’m going over the #s. State by state. County by county. Had all of that lined up a week ago and it was looking so good for us. Last night not adding up. A major shift in the final hours or some serious anomalies in the actual vote counts. Voter turn out was depressed for both sides. All prior evidence states otherwise. How is that possible? Don’t know. At this point not worth discussing because I don’t have an answer for you so don’t ask. This is … Venezuela we got here.

Is what it is for now though. Shut up. Move on.

You want me to say I was wrong? Fine. I was wrong. But I said they could steal it. And that is what might have happened. But to pull that off in so many states, would mean they got help. Talking from both sides here. Get it? Republicans. And that is scary. If we are that far gone, what the hell are we to do about that? We need a major reset in America if that is the case. We don’t … deserve America anymore.  When those Senators dropped Benghazi I got real worried real fast.  It felt like a deal had been made.  And the CBS [stuff].  Talk about a media scandal of epic … proportions.  But nobody is pushing it …  I’ll say it again.  BOTH SIDES.  Get it?  I know localized fraud.  But a multiple state millions of votes level of fraud?  To pull that off would be incredibly risky and would require help from the apparent opposition side.  And I don’t really want to go there right now.  Too scary


1/ By all means, continue to vote in every election and get your friends down to the polling station as well. However, do not be too shocked if the vote does not turn out the way it should. Conservatives staying at home on election day serve only to depress the GOP vote. Don’t let it happen.

2/ There are big government people from the Democrat and, it would seem, the Republican parties who want to maintain the status quo and/or root the US in Marxism. Whilst I can understand why the Democrats would want to do that, why the GOP would is puzzling. This time around Utah’s Mia Love — a candidate for liberty — lost her re-election bid. So did Allen West in Florida. I am pleased that Lt Col West is contesting the result.

3/ Resist the urge to cannibalise conservative candidates when they lose. Within hours of Romney’s gracious concession speech, Americans started to rip his campaign apart. Among the criticisms was his silence on Benghazi. Right now, no one really knows what happened there except for those immediately involved. I do not believe that Romney was in a position to go on the offensive on this subject, as much as we would like to have seen it. The man is not stupid, so he resisted bringing up the subject for a reason.

4/ Beware of false flags and decoy arguments. This ties in partly with point 3 above. Another GOP target of abuse is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who looked chummy in the photo-op with Obama in the days following Hurricane Sandy. Christie did what he did for reasons known only to him. I suspect he, rightly, wanted to make sure that his state got the FEMA help it needed. Whatever the reason, forget about him. He had very little to do with Romney. The Left and their pals in the media enjoy these diversions because each one helps to erode the Republican Party and the conservative base. Yes, the GOP has some cleanup to do but the Dems are far from saintly.

5/ Refuse to be engaged in a passive ‘Christian’ view of things. A number of Christians are willing the days from the Book of Revelation. However, our Lord told us that no one knows when those days are, so, instead do what you can to regain liberty and support American values. Some Christians are eager to see America’s destruction. They think they will be either raptured beforehand or be able to sit comfortably on the sidelines at home watching telly whilst the world unravels. If so, they would do well to prepare themselves for resettlement, gulags, death and everything else that goes along with that scenario. They would be well advised to be careful what they wish for.

In conclusion, Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s plan for America was not what the powers that be want. They would have rolled back the state, which does not seem to be part of the grand plan. We should bear in mind that the fix was in and live with the ‘defeat’. But, let’s not give up the battle for God-given freedoms.

It was most heartening to see photos and read from people who stood in the voting queues for an hour or two at a time, especially early in the morning. Thank you!

Finally, I have been reading many comments elsewhere from people who would like to write to the GOP presidential ticket candidates and thank them for their stellar campaign. Perhaps some of you do, too. The simplest way is to address envelopes as follows: Mitt Romney, Belmont, MA 02478 and Paul Ryan, Janesville, WI 53546.

Onwards and upwards. As Mitt said, ‘Clear eyes. Full heart. Can’t fail’.