It should be clear by now that the mainstream media (MSM) have been pushing memes as to how Obama won a second term in office.

I find it curious that people who normally disregard the MSM now believe them when they say that fewer voters came out in favour of Romney than for McCain. Check Breitbart for six election day citizen’s journalism pieces which show that, from dawn to dusk, there were queues nationwide. (Read reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.) It seems unlikely that these were for Obama, especially when a) ‘broken glass’ Republicans and independents were going out to vote and b) Romney rallies consistently had at least 10 times the number of people in attendance over Obama’s.

The other strange thing is how Romney’s Electoral College projections were 10 votes ahead of Obama’s until the early hours of the morning (UK time) and, suddenly, everything flipped to Obama.  That was it for Romney.

When did Obama and his team ever believe he could win anything without cheating or intimidation? In 2008, it was by intimidating Hillary Clinton’s delegates to give their votes to his candidacy prior to the Democratic National Convention. Yet, Hillary had more popular caucus votes than he. (See We Will Not Be Silenced. The episodes are available here.)

Earlier, back in Illinois in 2004, he and his team smeared GOP opponent Jack Ryan (by getting Ryan’s divorce records unsealed — ironic) then the Roman Catholic beliefs of his subsequent opponent Alan Keyes; Obama won the race for US Senator that year based not on any policy differences but through a dirty campaign. Eight years before, in 1996, Obama managed to push all his Democratic opponents off the primary list — including his own mentor Senator Alice Palmer — leaving him unopposed in his own party and victorious in a heavily leftist district.

Even in 2008, Obama’s team didn’t seem to mind voter intimidation going on in cities like Philadelphia.

There is also another angle. I have read in several places that Obama had no acceptance speech planned. Romney had no concession speech. This opens up the possibility that people behind the scenes had a vote flipping operation put into place. Of course, one name always pops up in the picture, although there are no doubt more who would like to see the United States reduced to serfdom by a bunch of feral neo-Bolsheviks.

Before I go further into vote flipping, I would like to share other reactions from around the web, some of which are from Hillary’s PUMAs — the last comment coming from an immigrant who later became an American citizen (emphases mine):

The GOP — and Romney/Ryan — had to fight the media as well as the Dems (The Right Sphere):

Small, petty politics won. More specifically, our inability to combat small petty, politics won. We are an ideological movement. We have principles we hold on to. The left simply does not. They hold no truths to be self-evident. They have no moral compass. They will lie, cheat, and steal for their movement. We will not.

What won last night was marketing. What won last night were communications strategies. Our ideology didn’t lose. Our ideology was never heard. It was drowned out by a media more focused on gotchas and Big Bird and binders and feeding a narrative created by the masters of marketing: Obama For America. The media won’t allow an ideological battle because every time they do, they lose …

So stop the finger pointing. Stop the “I told you sos.” WE didn’t lose the election. Marketing WON the election. And we’d better figure out how to outdo the marketing machine fast or it is really really over.

The possibility of collusion between pollsters, media, the Democratic National Committee, then a behind-the-scenes vote flip which would enable a palatable anti-GOP rationale for Romney’s loss to be presented to the public. From PUMAs:

wyntyre: I believe I am right about the impossible numbers. Just an hour or so before Florida started leaning for [Obama] one of the biggest [Obama fans] out there, Chuck Todd, said BOTH parties expected Florida to go for MR. Even the pollsters have been saying that for months. The media was complicit in the POS’s victory. It has been obvious from day one, when [ABC’s George] Stephonapoulos brought up contraception at the January primary debate. This was all coordinated. And covert I do not believe Mitt did not take Florida.

Erica: It does seem fishy to me, too. All the indicators you mentioned were there, and then the blowout for O. I don’t trust his Chicago machine and am starting to believe we’ll never have a fair election in this country again.

gxm17: Everyone in my family who voted for Obama absolutely believed that Romney would win. That’s sure what it *felt* like. That’s where the energy was coming from. I didn’t see any excitement or energy coming from ObamaNation, only fear and anger. Now they are giddy with relief. And they don’t even see the blood on their hands. Ah, ignorance is bliss!

angienc: [Mitt] wasn’t prepared for the massive cheating – the MSM is pretending it is because DailyKos/SEIU poll, PPP & Nate Silver were “right” (and all the other polls were wrong) but that’s the cover story (and unfortunately people on the right are falling for it too).

Obama lost almost 10 million votes [compared with] 2008 yet lost almost NONE of his votes in the important swing states.

Nothing fishy there at all.

votermom: I was born in a dictatorship that was nominally “democratic.” The President, under international (ahem USA) pressure, would hold elections. There would be massive  crowds for the opposition challenger, than mysteriously the results would show overwhelming votes for the dictator. He never officially lost an election. The media would always cover this up for him – never criticized him.

I saw the crowds for Mitt Romney. I saw the handfuls of diehards for Obama. I saw the poll skewing – Obama needed to exceed  2008 turnout to break even with Romney. Did Obama exceed 2008 turnout? No he did not. Obama lost 9 Million voters! But in the key battleground states, he got more votes than Mitt Romney. Somehow Obama voters in battleground states were more pumped than ever to vote for Obama?

I’m not the only one whose spidey sense is tingling. These are not  plausible numbers, these are 3rd world dictatorship … election numbers

To clarify my hypothesis of vote flipping, only a few people in the background could know about it. Otherwise, the secret risked exposure. I do not believe that Obama knew, because he appeared as surprised as Mitt Romney did. This action was done independently of Obama and most of his water carriers, even though they had hoped for this result. I believe that what people saw on the ground with voter irregularity and intimidation was but a small part of the hypothetical vote flipping.

Historically, improved technology has improved the potential for vote flipping. Most states now use electronic machines with a touchscreen facility or a vote scanner. Devvy Kidd went back into the archives to find out how these machines work and why they are a risk to the democratic process, a brief excerpt of which follows:

Dr. O’Halloran … confirmed by contacting Doubleday Publishing of Kalamzaoo, Michigan which sells the GES “Accu-Vote system, “A programming technician matter-of-factly told me that there are modems inside each of the vote counting computers which are used to transfer results from dozens of precincts to computer counting computers. They talk between modems. There is a modem between each computer unit.” This means the voting counting computers can talk to a central computer mainframe and are vulnerable to outside access. Dr.O’Halloran went on to say, “The Doubleday technician explained that special command cards can be inserted into the machine to tell the precinct computer to call the central computer with results. According the technicians, “You have to program the phone number into the card, the card accesses the modem and the card tells it to dial into the central computer. To close the election you slide the ‘ender-card’ – like a special ballot – which has certain codes on it and tells it to lock up the election.”

GES isn’t the only manufacturer of these internal modems. Dr. O’Halloran further investigated a Florida based company, Optech, and found the following on its web site: “Modem communications and results transfer capability from the precinct with the OPTECH III-P Eagle and regional accumulation with the Smart Pack Receiving System.” This alarmed O’Halloran because “the presence of an internal (hidden) modem which could allow outside access to the computer without anyone’s knowledge.” At that point, Dr. O’Halloran contacted Ronnie Dugger, author of a highly acclaimed November 1997 article in New Yorker about computerized election fraud. For those who are interested, you can read one of Dugger’s articles here; another detailed article on vote rigging via these insidious machines is here.

A modem in an election computer would be highly suspect,” Dr. O’Halloran quoted Dugger. “You can’t insulate a computer from outside communication if you have a modem in it. There would be a sub-routine (in the source-code) program which would cause the results being turned into the central computer to be phoned to you too, so that you could find out how many votes you needed to steal the election.”

A number of electronic machines used in the United States for last week’s election came from Smartmatic, a Venezuelan company which, in 2005, bought the American company which makes the machines — Sequoia Voting Systems. This CNN video tells us that when Chicago used these in an earlier election, Venezuelan technicians were on hand to rectify any problems.

The Sequoia/Smartmatic machines, not surprisingly, use their own (proprietary) software. This makes it nearly impossible to discern whether their voting systems are tamper-proof. These machines cannot be audited. Furthermore, the foreign ownership of the voting machines raises the question as to foreign ownership of American elections.

‘Venezuela? Hugo Chavez?’ Funny you should ask. These machines were used in the country’s 2004 recall election. Some experts, the video says, allege that the machines were ‘manipulated’ in order to give strongman Hugo Chavez a victory when he was widely expected to lose. Yet, the day after the election, Chavez declared victory with 59% of the vote. One of Chavez’s ministers sat on the board of Smartmatic. A year later, Smartmatic purchased Sequoia. The rest, as they say, is history.

And, let us not forget that many of the votes were tabulated at the top level by SCYTL, a company based in Barcelona (Spain!).

We might never know what happened this year, but what all conservatives and small ‘l’ libertarians can do is keep pushing the message of integrity, God-given rights, success and autonomy for oneself and one’s family. It is to be hoped that four years from now — God willing, although anything is possible now — that Americans will have tired of a celebrity president and his policies:

While both candidates are controlled by the big banks, Romney would have slowly eased in their takeover. However, you have voted for their quick takeover – which will hit you like a ton of bricks. Since Congress has not changed, Obama will rule solely via Executive Orders, which will complete the shredding of the Constitution. As Obama closes down 1000 coal powered power stations and we’re forced to buy electricity from dirty plants in Mexico, get ready for your power and all other bills to go through the roof. Enjoy!


On November 14, 2012, the RNC finally decided to help Lt Col Allen West contest election results in Florida. West is currently a congressman for his district and objects to the apparent vote fraud which occurred there, particularly in St Lucie County. The Florida Secretary of State, happily, is sending three auditors there to investigate vote tabulation.

Many occurrences of voter intimidation and machine anomalies have occurred. Barack Obama Voter Fraud is one site compiling various incidents from around the nation. WND has more, including one story about a voting machine technician from suburban Chicago who said that, on one touchscreen machine, a Romney vote gave an error message of ‘voter save failure’, which happened to him when he cast his own vote. The man said that the precinct worker on duty told him to ‘assume’ the vote registered for Romney. The technician asked to vote on another machine.

If you are interested in writing to your Secretary of State to dispute election tallies, visit The Competent Conservative for relevant contact details.  Election results have not yet been certified, but time is running out.


UPDATE — MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2016: In an interview today with Alex Jones, Joel Skousen — political scientist, conservative commentator and retired US Marine fighter pilot — said that 2012 was the first year where election results were tabulated at the national level. They were counted at the state level, then sent to national level. Given the lengthy queues outside polling stations from early morning to late evening, it is highly possible that several million votes could have been shaved off so that Obama appeared to be the winner. If any state had objected, the officials at national level could have said that they tabulated what was submitted by that particular state. It would have been impossible to trace. This new national tabulation system is likely to be in place again in 2016.

If you are interested in knowing how votes can be flipped electronically, this 11-minute video is useful:

End of series on America’s 2012 elections – find the rest on my Marxism/Communism page