Yesterday’s post, inspired by Robin’s Invisible Serfs Collar, explored the future of citizenship in Western countries, especially in the United States.

An earlier entry of mine introduced Robin’s observations on 21st century education and looked at attitudes today’s students will be forced to espouse.

In another post where race and class ‘oppression’ become building blocks of school curricula, Robin — a lawyer — draws our attention to the increasing subservience of the individual to the state and to corporate interests. Readers might wonder how schools indoctrinate this in young minds. It is through ‘The 10C’s: A Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change’.

Restricting information among adults

Before we look at those, this is a reminder of what Robin says about the gradual erosion of free market capitalism in favour of a return to mercantilism or neo-feudalism (emphases mine):

… the incentive of Government officials for using education for merely Competent, Mentally Hobbled Citizens. Especially ones who are being bred to see a Duty to the State. And the Business Angle. They are politically connected and want special privileges and protections from their Cronies. That’s not Capitalism though. It’s Mercantilism where there is no mass prosperity. It is what Adam Smith rejected as he accounted for Britain’s phenomenal 18th century economic growth

For governments to get adults on board with this way of thinking, factual information must be limited as propaganda abounds. This is no doubt why free-market advocates, from libertarians to the TEA Party, are so consistently reviled and why Occupy and other left-wing protest movements are lauded in the media. The former rely on individual effort and the latter on communitarianism.

Anyone who can see through this is potentially dangerous. After all, a resistor intends to point out historical and economic truths. Do the never-ending moves towards internet censorship now begin to make sense?

Robin says:

I am going to quote you a passage from Hayek’s 1944 book The Road to Serfdom (page 176 in my 2007 copy). He really nails the drivers behind making education miseducation. Notice he also nails down the frequent unholy alliance between government and the media. Simply refusing to report or cover accurately anything that might cast a poor light on desired government policies. My bolding and snark is in the brackets.

“Facts and theories [Sustainability, Man-made Catastrophic Global Warming, Diversity, Social Justice] must thus become no less the object of an official doctrine than views about values. And the whole apparatus for spreading knowledge–the schools and the press, radio and motion picture–will be used exclusively to spread those views which, whether true or false, will strengthen the belief in the rightness of the decisions taken by the authority; and all information that might cast doubt or hesitation will be withheld. The probable effect on the people’s loyalty to the system [Peter Senge just swooned that we so understand the essence of Systems Thinking and Why It Must Be Pushed] becomes the only criterion for deciding whether a particular piece of information is to be published or suppressed. [Benghazi; Actual Employment Numbers] The situation in a totalitarian state is permanently and in all fields the same that it is elsewhere in some fields in wartime. Everything which might cause doubt about the wisdom of the government or create discontent will be kept from the people. [Hard not to think of Candy Crowley and that 2nd Debate]. The basis of unfavorable comparisons with conditions elsewhere, the knowledge of possible alternatives to the course actually taken, information which might suggest failure on the part of the government to live up to its promises or to take advantage of opportunities to improve conditions–all will be suppressed. There is consequently no field where the systematic control of information will not be practiced and uniformity of views not enforced.”

10 Cs shape the child’s mind

Keep the above in mind as Robin analyses the 10 Cs. Also recall the number of times teachers have advised parents not to help their children too much with homework. It is no doubt why ‘new maths’ have been introduced over the past four decades. Children cry because they cannot do the problems in the specified way or require a whole sheet of paper to divide 144 by 12 when Grandma can do it in seconds in the upper corner of the page. I had this experience myself as a pupil in the late 1960s. I ended up doing it Grandma’s way and got marked down. My mother also received a call from school saying that no one at home must help me with maths. To this day, I am numbers-phobic.

However, there is more than just new maths and new reading materials in schools. Robin takes a look at the 10 Cs, designed to change the way schoolchildren think. Robin also reminds us that some of these students will be voting for the first time in 2016.

Robin writes (emphases mine):

Before I walk you through “The 10C’s: A Model of Diversity Awareness and Social Change” currently being cited by ASCD as part of their Whole Child Common Core Initiative as well as the National School Climate Center as part of the creation of the required Positive School Culture, let’s remember that famously true saying that “a society that values equality more than liberty will end up with neither.” If government officials can enforce equal results despite real differences, they are treating citizens in vastly different ways. Not only is that not equal, governments that develop a taste for telling certain people what they can and cannot do want to continue that power. And with everyone …

a world where the federal government now intends to mandate that “I=We and We=I” through the schools may well take us back to those days of officially sanctioned plunder. That no government in history has ever been able to decree an equitable, just and peaceful society. Remember that as we go though the 10C’s. Where they say they are going has always been unattainable and is in fact undesirable to many if it means living as part of a Yoke, like Oxen or Cattle, being told what to Do and Feel and even what may be Known. Let’s be very careful we do not allow everything that works to be destroyed by educators and politicians and Businesses seeking to profit from Connections pushing an Impossible Utopian Dream.

The 10 Cs is a two-part model that includes the 5Cs of Awareness and the 5 Cs of Change. And it is not a model just cooked up for the Obama Administration’s ed reform push. No, it goes back to 1995 so it was created originally to be part of the 90s version under the Clintons known as Outcomes Based Education. We were always supposed to have our values and personal attitudes manipulated via education in fundamental ways. Our schemers prefer a different definition than they tend to tell us about. They wish to try to draw out a new kind of human being.

The 5 Cs of Awareness are: Color, Culture, Class, Character, and Context. The 5Cs of Change are: Confidence, Courage, Commitment, Conflict, and Community. That last word is where all these education reforms we have examined are going. Community “means working collectively and collaboratively with others toward a shared vision.” And if a student does not share the vision at the start of the 10 Cs he must at the end. You see, the 10 Cs regards individualism as an unacceptably Eurocentric belief. School then becomes about creating values, attitudes, and beliefs so that each student not only values their own 10 Cs, “but the 10 Cs of others as well.”

Not a moment then to waste to see how students are to be taught to see themselves and others. Remember too that like emotions, this is also a type of learning accessible to all. The plan is to start with “an inventory of ourselves and examine our own experiences to more effectively confront issues of personal and societal oppression.” 

Race and class permeate these lessons. Notice the absence of teaching facts and practical skills. Also, emotion — not logic — will form the substance of the ‘discussions’ going on in the classroom to realise the 10 Cs.

Robin has much more at the link. For now, just a few more excerpts:

Then we move on to Culture which the students are told is always changing. I would point out that is not necessarily true but is very useful for schemers who would like to jettison an existing culture while creating a new one based on Theories of Utopia as well as political theories that have a tragic past. The students will be told that male and female are socially constructed, assigned roles that differ from culture to culture. The Culture lessons seem to be long on a “Free to Redefine” element without any accompanying lessons that redefinitions have consequences.

Note that such cultural fluidity reinforces the hands-off attitude to repression of women in third-world societies (e.g. sub-Saharan Islamic countries). This means no encouragement of allowing such women out of the home in Western attire and seeming discouragement of barbaric practices such as female circumcision by knife on a kitchen table by other women in the extended family. No, those are hands-off discussion points, because ‘it’s what they do’. In other words, we must stop imposing Western attitudes on non-Westerners (sarcasm off).

The third C, Class, relates to power in society — a constant ‘struggle’ — and has to do with economics as well as the expectation of ‘free stuff’:

Now most kids have little idea what decisions and training went into their parents having what they have, or not, and the good or poor choices made. We are setting ourselves up for students decreeing “Ice Cream for All!” with no awareness there is a limited amount of milk and sugar available and it’s already been sold to others for necessary uses apart from dessert.

Another C — character — further undermines individuality in favour of developing-world communitarianism:

Beyond the Eurocentric comment, it tells middle class White students that they believe in individuality because their “group identities of Color, Culture, and Class have been validated at every turn.” So Dominant Group Members put their primary emphasis on their C of Character. Only someone living at taxpayer expense would think deemphasizing personal Character in favor of parity with Social Group Identity was a Good Idea. Let’s just chalk this C up to the continuing assault on the legitimacy of the Individual.

This is no doubt why libertarians and TEA Party supporters are viewed as ‘racist’. Black GOP candidates such as the recently defeated Mia Love (Utah) and Lt Col Allen West (Florida) prove that individual achievement and personal liberty are colour-blind. Love and West go against Democrat and socialist memesas did GOP presidential candidate and corporate CEO Herman Cain. Therefore, the Left must destroy their candidacies by any means possible. That might be by setting up a honey-trap (Cain) or voter fraud (West).

Do you notice how students these days never learn about ex-slaves who rose to become great thinkers and inventors? Frederick Douglass, Booker T Washington and George Washington Carver are three examples which come to mind. Amazingly, they’ve been wiped from history, but we’ll look at that in general tomorrow.

Back to Robin, whose next comment concerns another C — context — along with more Cs which follow on from there:

Context shapes the meaning of Color, Culture, Class, and Character and is like “the basket that holds the other Cs together.” So our students who are largely ignorant of past history are being encouraged to think you can redesign societies, economies, and political structures. They will not see the Likely Downside of Wholesale Change. They are just being pushed to promote it.

How? The C of Confidence–”Reclaiming and redefining one’s personal and group identity and abilities, in ways that are inclusive of all people, will build confidence and unleash creativity that can enrich and enhance the quality of life for all people.” Maybe but history says probably not. Next C of Change is Courage to push for “movements for peace and social justice” despite likely backlash.

3rd C is (sustaining) Commitment. It is the “focus, strategy, determination, and consistency, driven by love. . . that is the deep and consistent passion for justice and embrace of humanity that has always driven social revolutions.” Reality check here from Scrooge. That is not what drives social revolutions. Gracious People. Read some history books not written by Howard Zinn.

The 4th C is (Engaging) Conflict. It means the “reflection, struggle, and creative tension that promotes growth and justice. . . when channeled appropriately, it is a force that can propel us forward.” Yes, right into an abyss. Just ask the French about 1795 how well delusions over human nature as a basis for a revolution worked out there.

And that gets us back to the 5th C-Community. Or not. I personally do not think these 5 Cs will create Community. I do think that widespread pushing of these 10 Cs will destroy a great country. Extinguish the greatest beacon for freedom the world has ever known.

Agreed. The same will be true of widespread mandating of these in Europe and the Antipodes.

By the way, did you notice the word ‘forward’ in the Conflict paragraph? Have American MSNBC viewers noticed that the station — as late as Thanksgiving — still had Obama’s ‘Lean Forward’ slogan in the top right hand corner of their banner?

On the subjects of changing history and neo-feudalism or mercantilism, what follows are short clips from Michelle Obama on the 2008 campaign trail:

There might be no turning back. This is why, as the Democrats are already campaigning for 2014, we must make as many conservatives and libertarians as possible aware of the changes going on in the Western education system.

Tomorrow: Revisiting mid-20th century American Communism and 2012