During the November 2012 election cycle in the United States, Kevin DuJan of HillBuzz asked his readers on several occasions to reclaim certain words from the Left.

DuJan is an ex-Democrat and writes for a living.

It occurs to me that he has a point.

He actually banned the word ‘liberal’ when referring to leftists. He also banned the word ‘progressive’ in the same context.

His rationale is that this is how the Left have designated themselves. I started noticing ‘liberal’ popping up everywhere in the media as the 1960s were coming to a close. ‘Progressive’ seemed to have gone mainstream sometime in the past decade, although it was around many years before that.

Classic liberalism has nothing to do with the Left. The French seem to be among the few who still realise that. Liberalism in its original sense has to do with free markets, small government and individual achievement. Yes, I’ve oversimplified the definition, however, it is the exact opposite of leftism.

Also, leftists are far from progressive in their efforts to tax people even more, implement hardcore redistributionism and legislate us to life in an unhygienic ‘green’ world.

So, I would kindly ask going forward that my readers, like DuJan’s, please refrain from commenting here using the labels ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ when referring to the Left. These are terms they have stolen for themselves and no two words could be further from describing them.

Please be aware that I shall edit incoming comments to reflect this.

Similarly, I would also encourage you to please advise your friends and family to stop flattering the enemies of freedom by using these words when referring to them.

Many thanks for your help in this regard.