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Should the public sector employ people who are semi-literate and, possibly, semi-numerate?

Some will say, ‘Why not?’ whilst others will counter that, as taxes pay public sector salaries, our civil servants at whatever level should be high-calibre.

A few days ago, I read an exchange of comments concerning Britain’s latest hike in petrol tax. A Yahoo! reader, George, stated that the reason for ever-increasing taxes is the need to finance public sector pensions.

Yahoo! reader Helenwirral replied as follows:

George i am public sector worker and don’t get good pension and have pay over £100 a month in to it so get life and stop calling us public sector for every thing that gose wrong its not are fault this goverment stop carering and we have not had any pay rise since January 09 and will not be getting any till to 2015 or 16 so stop being muppet.

Those of us who are online in our spare time understand that typing on a mobile phone carries the risk of errors, but this is one of the worst (run-on) sentences ever.  Also notice the way she graciously (!) addresses one of the people who involuntarily helps to keep her in a job:

stop being muppet.

Of course, it is possible that this woman is not a public sector worker at all. Yet, given the detail supplied, it sounds as if she knows her subject.

Words fail me. What a waste of taxes. How many more like her are sucking at the public teat?

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