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Why should the Left in France want Marine LePen’s Front National (FN) to team up with the conservative UMP?

This has been their main talking point for the past year. Why would they care about two parties they loathe?

The various leftist parties — PS (Socialists), EELV (Greens), FdG (Front de Gauche) — want to ensure they can put the boot once and for all into the UMP, Sarkozy’s party.

Unfortunately, many third party voters who sympathise with the FN love this idea. ‘The UMPS [UMP-PS] don’t listen to us — it’s time for Marine’.

Conservatives and other disillusioned right-of-centre voters should be cautious of unwittingly following along with a left-wing meme. The UMP are not eager to embrace the FN. Marine is not eager to embrace them.

Yet, even conservative commentators are now asking if it is plausible. No, no and no. It’s a lefty set-up so they can say at the next elections, ‘See, we told you that the FN and UMP are natural allies. They’re all heartless racists and nationalists.’

The UMP are about free markets, safe streets and a united France. Admittedly, Sarkozy had his chance and blew it; he should have surmised that he would have had to work hard at living up to his promises, which France embraced in 2007.

A union — even talk — of the FN and UMP will only play into the socialist agenda. It will solidify the left-wing voting blocs and splinter the centre once again into tiny one-person parties which have no chance (e.g. François Bayrou) at winning an election.

Furthermore, voters wanting such an alliance really need to work out in their minds what results that will have in the next general election. Admittedly, this will not be until 2017, but the more noise they create with the left-wing media before then, the more the ‘alliance’ — real or not — will stick in French voters’ minds. FN supporters and communitarian UMP sympathisers will have done the Socialist Party’s work for them, just by virtue of being dupes and talking this up. The end result would be a resounding victory for the PS.

There is nothing republican about the Front National. Jean Marie LePen developed his politics by studying left-wing leaders. Marine LePen — as leftist media commentators tell us — has cleaned up the party’s image considerably. It’s practically respectable now. However, she, too, is a communitarian, advocating one-size-fits-all policies — e.g. some form of national service for every young French citizen. Her fans — disillusioned with the two main parties — don’t mind as long as she holds May Day rallies in Paris in front of Jeanne d’Arc’s statue and floats nostalgic rhetoric about France.

There is no doubt that France has changed. Like other Western countries, it, too, needs a rethink: politically, socially and economically. However, third party voters eager for what they perceive to be a conservative or values-based change are unlikely to find the answer in Marine LePen.

Meanwhile, the PS and the media salivate at any opportunity to weaken the UMP. Someone (May 1 on French radio) likened them to the Republican Party in the US — sunk for many years to come.

The Left will continue to generate any perceptions which can further weaken the UMP in voters’ minds. They’ve no doubt seen how successful the Democrats have been in the United States and will now attempt the same labelling and suggestions.  By putting ‘Marine LePen’ and ‘UMP’ in the same sentence then getting French voters to do the same, they’ll be celebrating for a very long time to come.

Third-party voters elsewhere should perhaps consider the same scenarios playing out in their own countries. The one thing I notice is that third party voters think they’re more intelligent than the average. That might well be, however, they would do well in considering who — and which party — truly benefits from their dissenting vote. Without fail, it is the Left — every time.


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