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Michelle Obama’s Mirror recently featured a post on Carole King.

Opinions on King’s polar opposite Ted Nugent also popped up in the comments.

A number of us enjoyed her songs in the 1970s. Now, as a few of Michelle Obama Mirror readers say, we actually prefer Ted Nugent’s. Revealing too much about one’s politics can be a dangerous thing!

One reader, Blonde Gator, had this to say:

… shortly after I got out of college, my old college roomie met the Nuge, and dated him for a couple of months.

He didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, (he did drink milk, lots of it), didn’t do drugs, and called his children from the road at least five times a day.

He was very nice to my roomie. It just got to be too much of a long distance thing. IOW, he’s a man of good character.

So, there we have it — an insight into the real Ted Nugent.

Appearances can be deceiving.

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