My better half and I were in Cannes last month.

It’s a biannual business trip for SpouseMouse with a few days’ holiday afterwards. For me, it’s 100% leisure!

The next few posts will cover the latest in this delightful resort city, probably one of the most egalitarian in the world. You can enjoy yourself whatever your budget.

However — first things first.

Chapelle de la Misericorde CannesLatin Mass is still being said at Chapelle de la Miséricorde, next to Marché Forville at the west end of the city centre. I have updated my 2009 post to say that the Extraordinary Form is now said at 9:30 a.m. every Sunday.

When we went four years ago, this Mass was said on Sunday evenings — a pleasant finish to the weekend.

The chapel is the place of worship associated with the Marché Forville, and a weekday Mass — Novus Ordo in French — is held on Wednesdays.

La Miséricorde (‘Mercy’) was built in 1617 by the Pénitents noirs. It was consecrated in 1620. After the French Revolution, it — along with many other church buildings — was sold to the government. The Pénitents noirs attempted to regroup after the Revolution, but the congregation was dissolved in 1860. The chapel was declared an historical monument in 1933.

La Miséricorde might still be affiliated with Cannes’s St Nicholas Church, however, their website is down as I write. St Nicholas oversees 11 churches in the city.