CB064044A few days ago, I ran across a post discussing a concept called ‘basin theology’.

Intrigued, I read the post on Irvin J Boudreaux’s A Pastor’s Thoughts further.

Boudreaux cited ‘basin theology’ as posted on Wisdom Stories to Live By which quoted Craig Larson’s Illustrations for Preaching and Teaching from Leadership Journal, Baker Book House (1997).

In short, near the end of Christ’s ministry, there were two examples of basins and washing.

At the Last Supper, our Lord washed the Apostles’ feet, an incredible act of service and love.

At our Lord’s trial, Pontius Pilate washed his hands of the whole affair.

As Larson asks, which pastoral model do many clergy use? Jesus’s or Pilate’s?

Furthermore, which basin theology model do we laypeople use?