Epiphany Magi salesianity_blogspot_comJanuary 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany and the Twelfth Day of Christmas.

Traditionally, trees and decorations must be taken down and put away before dusk.

Speaking of darkness and light, how about a last look at Christmas illuminations? What better city to profile than Paris? It consistently has the most beautiful aesthetics in this regard, year after year. To see them in person is sheer delight. L’Internaute presents a selection of rather grand — and animated — photographs from 2014 of the Champs-Elysées and the city’s other famous boulevards.

My recent subscribers might appreciate my past posts for this feast day. They include an explanation for marking one’s lintel in chalk (as my grandfather used to do every year) and a marvellous expository of the Epiphany in the Bible by Dr Paul Copan, author of several books on Christianity, one of which is Is God a Moral Monster?

Most of my Epiphany posts, however, excerpt Lutheran pastors’ articles and sermons:

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Twelfth Night is celebrated in certain countries with a special dinner. And, perhaps, you are fortunate to have a present to open for this last day of Christmas. If so, enjoy the day.