Luther Rose stained glass 2The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod is often referred to as WELS.

WELS Documented details what is happening within that particular synod. You can find it in my blogroll.

The anonymity of the contributors is essential, because another Lutheran site, Intrepid Lutherans, came to the attention of certain clergymen and, consequently, lost some of its main contributors who went by their real names.

WELS Documented readers will discover that a number of clergy have discarded the Book of Concord to create their own set of practices and beliefs.

As with much unconfessional and unscriptural teaching, part of its purpose is to attract people who do not find traditional worship relevant. WELS Documented gives an extensive rundown of congregations where this ‘contemporvant’ worship is taking place. Here are two examples (emphases in the original):

Casual Atmosphere – Reclining movie theater seats with cup holders. Need we say more? Modern Worship – Relevant messages, musical variety, helpful videos.
Victory of the Lamb Website
Victory of the Lamb Church
Franklin, WI

We strive to make every message and every service relevant and applicable to real life, as well as excellent in quality.  At the same time, you can come to church in your jeans, or your shorts (or even in your jean shorts) and feel perfectly comfortable in one of our services.  Grab a cup of coffee and a bagel on your way in and settle in for a high-octane hour of power-learning about God.
From the Crosswalk Website
Crosswalk Church
Phoenix, AZ

Another way of increasing a contemporary and relevant note is in church get-togethers. This WELS Documented post has a series of photos of pastors who have cross-dressed for a church function. One photo shows a young child applying lipstick to a minister.

Not all of WELS Documented looks at anomalies. Some of the posts assert confessional and scriptural Lutheran living. The site is well-written and has intelligent comments, particularly those from Pastor Spencer.

Recommended reading.