Ethel Lang of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, died on January 16, 2015.

She was the last Briton to have been born during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Born on May 27, 1900, she lived in Barnsley all her life. Her 91-year old daughter Margaret Walker survives her.

BBC News tells us that Mrs Lang lived through:

– six monarchs, 22 prime ministers and two world wars.

– the invention of the radio, the television, the computer and the internet.

Mrs Lang began working at the age of 13 in a local shirt factory. She married her husband William in 1922; he died in 1988.

Her daughter Margaret told the BBC that she was ‘very lucky’ to have had such a ‘lovely mother’.

Although we do not know the secret of her longevity, Mrs Walker said that she had an aunt who lived to be 104. Good genes run in the family.

Mrs Lang loved watching snooker. After she lost her eyesight, she still listened to the matches.

She gave an interview to the BBC on her 108th birthday, saying that she remembered wartime most vividly:

On a Sunday evening we used to have friends come over. We would black everything out and get around the piano and have a sing-song.

The BBC says that, as of 2013, the UK had 13,780 centenarians, of whom 710 are at least 105 years old.

The Queen sends her personal greetings to everyone celebrating their 100th birthday. She does the same for those who reach 105 and continues sending them every year afterward.

Gladys Hooper is now the oldest Briton. She turned 112 on Sunday, January 18.

The world’s oldest person is Misao Okawa, a Japanese lady who is 116 years old.