Belgium has made a worrying discovery inside its police departments.

This reminded me of what Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen said about the Charlie Hebdo attack. He takes the view of a conspiracy theorist. By definition, he is unhelpful. However, he did say:

I do not think the organisers of this crime are French authorities but that they did allow this crime to be committed. For the moment, these are only suspicions.

On Sunday, January 18, Le Monde reported that several searches took place that day in and around Brussels.

A known terror cell broke up the week before, its leader still at large. Belgian authorities say this group planned an attack on police on January 16. Investigations continue.

However, that same day, Le Monde reported that Belgian newspaper La Dernière Heure (11th Hour) stated that investigations were taking place concerning

police officers suspected of having links with radical networks.

The public prosecutor’s office is following leads about an investigator said to have links with the radical group Sharia4Belgium, which recruits terrorists. Several of their members are currently appearing in court in Anvers. Le Monde says:

The wife of another police officer had adopted conduct suggesting she was sliding into extremism. A third officer refused to shake the hands of his female colleagues.

Belgium is under considerable tension at the moment, particularly in Brussels and in Anvers, where armed troops are patrolling high profile areas.

At least one Le Monde reader asked about infiltration in the armed forces.

It is not inconceivable that extremist cells are conducting a long march through European institutions.