Families of dead terrorists can have problems if they request burial ground in their country of origin.

After Mohammed Merah — who murdered four paratroopers and one Jewish schoolgirl in 2012 — was shot dead by police following a lengthy stake-out, his family asked for permission to bury him in Algeria. Algerian officials refused their request, even though his father was living there. Merah was buried in Toulouse, the city of his birth.

The family of Amedy Coulibaly — who killed four at Hyper Casher and a policewoman the day before —  asked officials in Mali for permission to bury him there. Coulibaly was born in Juvisy-sur-Orge near Paris but his parents were born in Mali. Malian officials refused, giving no explanation. He was buried on Friday, May 23, in Thiais, a Paris suburb.

As for the Charlie Hebdo killers, Saïd Kouachi was buried in Reims on Friday, January 16. Chérif Kouachi was buried in the Paris suburb of Gennevilliers at midnight on Saturday, January 17. According to reports, no one attended, not even his wife. Kouachi’s grave is unmarked, possibly to deter similar-minded persons from making pilgrimages to see it.

Under normal circumstances, an unmarked grave is not unusual in Islam. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was buried on January 23 in such a manner. It is in keeping with Wahhabi customs.