How we believers behave towards others reflects much about Christianity — good and bad.

Although times are hard — the economic crisis has been lingering since 2008 — and some of us have medical conditions, let us at least try to do our best.

It is important that we greet others with a smile and a cordial hello, whether they be our neighbours, tradesmen, shopkeepers and couriers. I can think of any number of times neighbours come to collect a parcel of theirs which has been left at our house because they were out. These churchgoers come with a deadpan face, collect their item and barely manage a thank you. Where is the greeting? What about a ‘How are you?’

Let’s not be so preoccupied with our own problems that we appear grumpy, sullen and unfriendly. This includes online discourse as well.

A cordial manner will help bring others to the faith, especially in difficult environments. Conversely, a cold exterior can make others wonder just what sort of religion Christianity is.

Good breeding — that is, putting others at ease — costs nothing and is the sign of a well-brought up person. We seem to forget this in adulthood. I, too, have erred in this area and am determined to do better this year. Perhaps it’s not a bad Lenten resolution — one that can be carried forward in future.