Luther Rose stained glass 2The Revd Joshua Scheer, writing for Steadfast Lutherans, gives his readers the following resource for Lenten devotions and reflections.

Pastor Scheer recommends Around the Word — a superb title — which has a PDF taking us through each week of Lent 2015.

It is beautifully done. The first page suggests how to go about a daily devotion by beginning in prayer. It is commendable that those who put it together include a recitation of the Apostles Creed along with the Lord’s Prayer. Also included are Morning and Evening prayers, giving thanks to the Lord for personal and family safety.

Each week’s devotions have a different theme. The first is repentance.

Caveat: the PDF has to be printed, assembled and folded in the middle, because it is laid out in publisher’s format. Otherwise, one sees page 4 next to page 45, for example. Still, it is well worth doing.

Another good site for relevant Scripture verses is Brian Flamme’s Rightly Divided, referenced on page 45 of the PDF.

Both of these resources are also excellent for Anglicans looking for Lenten devotionals.