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In recent weeks certain Western countries have been considering, if not trialling, methods of dealing with terrorists.

For those suspects or those convicted of terrorist activity who have dual nationality, Australia is drafting a series of amendments which could deprive those persons of Australian citizenship.

A few weeks earlier, at the end of January 2015, France revoked French citzenship of a Franco-Moroccan terrorist. The man in question is still a citizen of Morocco, his country of origin.

On February 23, the French government confiscated the passports and identity cards of six people who had made plans to travel to Syria; their families had informed the authorities of their plans. The confiscations last for six months and can be renewed.

It will be interesting to see if this works or if those affected can obtain paperwork on the black market.

A person with single nationality cannot be stripped of it, according to the UN Convention of August 30, 1961. However, certain politicians, such as Marine Le Pen, and a number of ordinary citizens think that those working against their home countries should ‘find another nationality’. If someone with terrorist sympathies leaves for Syria, that country should accept them and offer them citizenship. It is doubtful whether that is realistic or sensible.

However, another possibility is reviving treason laws which no longer seem to exist or have been weakened beyond all recognition.

Another conversation making the rounds among everyday people is reinstating capital punishment.

Enforcing treason laws makes the most sense. However, it is unlikely that our politicians would have the guts to do that.




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