I have enjoyed reading G P Cox’s superb site, PacificParatrooper for several months.

Cox, also one of my readers, brings the Second World War to life, discussing in detail battles and soldiers not only from the United States but also her allies. The research into first-person stories, newspaper articles and photographs is extensive and fascinating.

I have added PacificParatrooper to my blogroll. Anyone who wants to know what happened outside of the history books would do well to visit the site. One may also send in personal or family military accounts for possible inclusion:

… a sincere Thank you to YOU out there – my Readers and Friends for helping to make this blog a part of your own family histories and yourselves.  Your story and link contributions do more to make Pacific Paratrooper what it is than I ever could. I don’t believe I show my appreciation often enough for your time and effort to keep our veteran’s services to us alive in our memories and our hearts.  Thank you___ GP Cox

PacificParatrooper has to be one of the best Second World War sites on the Web. Its anecdotal nature makes it a must-read. Cox has

dedicated [the site] to my father, Everett A. Smith, aka “Smitty”, who served in the Headquarters Company/187th Regiment/11th Airborne Division in the Pacific during WWII and the 11th A/B as a whole; therefore it is only right that I do so. Smitty never said, “I did this” or “I did that,”  it was always – “The 11th did IT!”

Cox also looks at the Korean War. Read, digest, learn.

These valiant men — and women — should be an inspiration to us all.