Food Network UK has been showing some of the network’s American shows.

One which particularly impressed me — and is being rerun in the UK between 8 and 9 a.m. Monday through Friday (Freeview 41) during June 2015 — is The Kitchen.

The Kitchen‘s crew of cooks and critics has as its unofficial doyen Geoffrey Zakarian. Zakarian‘s first job as a professional was for renowned chef Daniel Boulud at Manhattan’s Le Cirque. Anyone who was anyone went to Le Cirque in the 1980s. Zakarian was Chef de Cuisine between 1982 and 1987 before pursuing his own interests as an executive chef then restaurateur. He appears on at least three Food Network shows: Chopped, The Kitchen and Iron Chef.

Zakarian takes his culinary precision seriously but wears it lightly. Another striking thing is that he can cook whilst in a jacket and tie. No aprons for Geoffrey.

In one episode, Zakarian made scrambled eggs.

Instead of whisking the whole eggs and a dash of cream in a bowl, he used a glass cocktail shaker with a lid. Within seconds, the eggs were emulsified and ready to pour in the pan.

I used a 400g (approximately 1 lb) mayonnaise jar with a lid and had excellent results with two of my omelettes recently.

Less mess, less washing up — and great results for scrambled eggs or omelettes.