Many around the world are still wondering how a notionally Catholic country such as Ireland could have voted for single-sex marriage in May 2015.

A post on the Catholic site exHORTATIO explains the American money and Alinsky-style pressure behind the referendum result. (H/T: Stand Firm) Excerpts follow, emphases mine:

The “yes” campaign was massively funded by American groups, the article claims – and LifeSite is not alone in drawing attention to this fact.  In a May 9 article in The Irish Times, Breda O’Brien points us to a step-by-step plan funded by pro-gay group Atlantic Philanthropies, and states:

Groupthink has been exalted to an Irish sacrament. While journalists were targeting tiny bootstrap conservative organisations and accusing them of being American-funded, GLEN, the most successful lobby group in Irish history, was swimming in greenbacks.

How big an impact did American money have on the “yes” campaign?   Well, over on the National Catholic Register, Elizabeth Adams reports that Atlantic Philanthropies alone donated $4.7 million to the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN), enabling it to create a  “full-time, highly professional lobbying machine” to work “inside the machinery of government” in Ireland, seeking to “embed long-lasting social change.”

Furthermore, Atlantic Philanthropies funds many Irish NGOs that “coincidentally” supported the “yes” campaign.  In total, those campaigning for an overturning of the common understanding of marriage were funded to the tune of $17 million dollars, fifty times that of those who supported what has oddly come to be called “traditional” marriage.

The activity was not restricted just to funding and verbal persuasion. Vandalism, website hacking and verbal abuse — directed at Polish Catholics living in Ireland — also took place.

Scare tactics went so far as to include threats that Big Business would leave Ireland without a ‘yes’ result. Overall:

The Catholic Church came under particularly venomous attack, leaving people “frightened and confused, while the other side became bolder and more vicious.”

This is a post well worth reading in full, especially by Italians, who might be voting on this issue in the not too distant future.