Scandals involving the Church — whether by clergy or laity — are abominable.

This is but a brief post to direct readers towards a few insightful posts on the subject.


Although we think of the Catholic Church when it comes to scandals, Protestant ministers have been guilty as well.

My Lutheran minister reader from The Gospel According to Barney has two excellent entries on the subject.

One is ‘Trouble point for pastors money’. The takeaways here are (emphases in the original):

All your actions must be above reproach. This is common sense.


This all circles back to Vocation – this is not just any job!

His other post worth noting is ‘Trouble point pastors sex’ which gives brief profiles of ministers engaged in indecent and illegal activity.

Oh yes, we think our clergy are above and beyond reproach. Some are not. One can imagine it took a long time for authorities to investigate these scandals. Imagine the congregation’s opposition to the complainant: ‘How could you accuse Pastor of that?’ Then think of the police view of the allegations: ‘Really? The reverend?’


One just knew this was going to happen sooner or later — the scandal involving a member of the Duggar family.

Thankfully, we do not — as far as I know — receive the Duggar reality television show here in the UK.

Oddly enough, it was when browsing Le Monde on May 29, 2015, that I read the most detailed description of the Josh Duggar scandal. Kudos to them, because I don’t think France gets broadcasts of the family’s telereality show. I imagine the paper featured it because it’s yet another example of the hypocrisy of Christian fundamentalism and legalism.

Le Monde said that the Duggars used Bill Gothard’s training materials for children. The paper has a photo of the Gothard page on counselling child sexual abuse, intended to make the victim feel guilty and to blame for his or her own molestation.

Question four on the Gothard page reads as follows:

Why did God let it happen?

Result of defrauding by:

Immodest dress

Indecent exposure

Being out from protection of our parents

Being with evil friends?

Generally, in many cases, molesters are family friends or family members. The child knows them and trusts them.

I feel sorry for anyone who has watched the Duggar series and thinks it’s the example to follow.

Beware of legalism. Nature abhors a vacuum. That vacuum offers the perfect opportunity for Satan to fill it with sinful and damaging acts that are truly traumatic for those on the receiving end.

Those interested can read more on the Duggars on Vox and Patheos.