Le Rendez Vous RestaurantOne of the restaurants offering the best value for money in Cannes is Le Rendez-Vous, 35 Rue Félix Faure.

(Photo credit: Bermuda Rover)

We have been there on several visits and have not been disappointed.

Granted, the waiters are old school — a bit grumpy until they’ve assessed your appearance, your order and your deportment. By the time you’ve finished your starter, they’ll have warmed up and started a bit of banter. Yet this type of waiter is a dying breed in France. We’ll miss them when they’re gone.

More importantly, Le Rendez-Vous serves huge portions. Go, go, go! This is one restaurant where you can order à la carte without breaking the bank!

They have two prix fixe, or formule, menus: one for €26.50 and one for €35.50. Each offers three courses.

Because I wanted frogs legs (€20) — and this seems to be one of the few remaining places that has them — I ordered à la carte.

SpouseMouse started with an ample serving of calamari fried in light batter (€13, if I remember rightly).

I had the petite friture (€14), which is a ginormous portion of whitebait, beautifully fried, crispy and delicious. If you order this, I recommend splitting it. There is definitely enough for two people! I couldn’t finish it. The waiter politely waited and waited on the sidelines but I was not going to be a member of the clean plate club on that occasion!

Once he picked up my plate, he enquired of a man eating nearby how his dinner was. This chap was in his 40s and even he said, ‘Very good but too much! Too much food!’

SpouseMouse ordered daurade (€22) — sea bream — for the main course. I was given a choice of accompaniment for my frogs legs and, somewhat to our waiter’s consternation, chose ratatouille. Normally, they come with persillade — garlic, parsley and olive oil. (Bermuda Rover has a photo of his frogs legs from Le Rendez-Vous, done accordingly.) So, for a change, I went with my choice and was delighted.

One essential rule governs frogs legs: they are most definitely finger food! If you forget, the waiter will not hesitate to remind you! Ours brought me a finger bowl, which was perfect.

They were generous, messy, delicious and unctuous. They were to die for. I’m still thinking about them a month later!

For dessert, SpouseMouse enjoyed a beautifully presented baba au rhum which came with an additional tot of rum to add to what was already in the delicate cake!

I opted for the fondant au chocolat, served with ice cream and soft fruits. I practically inhaled it. Our waiter joked: ‘Take your time, it’s not going anywhere!’ It was marvellous!

Our wine was a regional rosé: Château Roubine, Cru Classé.

Le Rendez-Vous has been around for years. I always look forward to our dinners there and wish them much continuing success.

You will definitely enjoy it.

They have also opened an oyster bar near the restaurant this summer. I haven’t seen it, but Le Bistrot à Huîtres has, in addition to oysters, a selection of Le Rendez-Vous favourites, new shellfish dishes and salads.