Yesterday, I read a BBC report on the stabbing of Cologne’s mayoral candidate Henriette Reker.

The independent candidate, age 58, was stabbed in the neck. Her condition is said to be ‘stable’ but she is still under close observation. The three people with her sustained minor injuries.

I read the article three times and was puzzled. Perhaps enlightened readers can tell me what I am missing. A 44-year old German suspect living in Cologne was arrested. This sentence gave me the most trouble:

The attacker told police he stabbed Ms Reker “because of anti-foreigner motives,” senior police investigator Norbert Wagner said.

Whose anti-foreigner motives were those?

I looked at the photo in the article. The acronym for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party is on the umbrella on the table: CDU. The CDU are accepting and helping to integrate the flux of refugees arriving in Germany. Furthermore:

Ms Reker has been the head of Cologne’s social affairs and integration department since 2010.

Today, I read a report about the attack in Le Monde. The mayoral election went ahead as scheduled. Reker is the mayor-elect of Cologne with 52.64% of the vote. Doctors now say that she will be able to assume her mayoral functions. Congratulations to her. May she recover quickly and manage the city wisely.

Regarding the suspect, Le Monde had this helpful explanation:

Her attacker, a 44-year-old German man close to the extreme right in the 1990s, was considered penally responsible for his acts on Sunday. The suspect told investigators that he ‘committed this act with a racial motivation’, police said.

Thank you. The picture is now clearer.