Yesterday, my heart leapt!

A Telegraph diary said that Britons are now divided 50/50 on leaving the European Union.

I can hardly wait for the referendum in 2016. And it looks as if the kiddies won’t be voting!

The machinations of unelected officials at the top of this Tower of Babel advancing ‘more Europe’ are too much to take.

Angela Merkel has turned out to be a misguided woman foisting her vision of what, I don’t know, but it seems to be cultural and historic destruction, on the rest of us.

Many of our countries’ laws over the past 20 years have their roots in EU legislation.

I’ve had enough. This is not what today’s British seniors voted for in 1975. The European Community was only supposed to be a trading bloc.

Now it’s taking over our lives and transforming our futures into something undesirable.

Excerpts from The Telegraph‘s diary follow (emphases mine):

10:27: Matthew Shaddick, a spokesman for Ladbrokes, said: “The polls and the odds suggest this could be a photo-finish. The Prime Minister’s negotiation efforts do not as yet appear to have impressed political punters..” 

09:46: The EU Referendum bill passed its final parliamentary hurdle last night and is now about to become law.

It comes just two days before David Cameron’s EU renegotiations become the main focus of a summit of European leaders.

Mr Cameron could hold his referendum as early as June 2016.

Political Betting’s Mike Smithson has a round-up of all the latest polling. Most suggest a narrow lead for the “remain” camp but it looks close …

09:22: A second poll has been released today, this time by Survation, which shows that 42 per cent of voters want Britain to leave the EU, 40 per cent would like to remain and 18 per cent are undecided. Once the undecided voters are taken out of the total, 51 per cent want to leave while 49 per cent prefer to stay.

The Survation internet poll was commissioned by Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe, a group of anti-EU parties. Yasmine Dehaene, the alliance’s executive director, told the Express: “The chance that the British people will vote to leave is now at an all-time high.”

I’m now looking forward to the New Year!