The Octave to Christmas begins on December 17.

From now through December 23, certain denominations in the Church recall Old Testament prophecies of our Lord’s life on Earth. The vigil readings for December 24 complete this eight-day period.

My Octave posts explain how the eight days came about and what readings are significant to each.

The O Antiphons spell out SARCORE. These are an aide memoire, because, reversed, they spell out in Latin ero cras, which means

I shall be [with you] tomorrow.

The first two days focus on:

  1. O Sapientia, quae ex ore altissimi…” (O Wisdom from on high…)
  2. O Adonai et dux domus Israel…” (O Lord and leader of the house of Israel…)

Readings for December 17 and 18, along with an explanation, can be found in the following posts:

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The O Antiphon for December 18 (2013)

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More will follow in the days to come.