Yesterday’s post introduced the Octave to Christmas and the accompanying O Antiphons for December 17 and 18.

The O Antiphons spell out SARCORE. These are an aide memoire, because, reversed, they spell out in Latin ero cras, which means

I shall be [with you] tomorrow.

The first two days focus on:

  1. O Sapientia, quae ex ore altissimi…” (O Wisdom from on high…)
  2. O Adonai et dux domus Israel…” (O Lord and leader of the house of Israel…)

The thought — meditation — for the third day is

“O Radix Jesse qui stas in signum populorum…” (O Root of Jesse who stood as a standard of the people…)

My past posts explore two of the O Antiphons for this day:

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The O Antiphons are helpful in reminding us of scriptural references to consider when contemplating Christmas.

More will follow during the next few days.