The New Year is undoubtedly the most popular time of the year to take stock of the present and view of anticipate the future.

Millions of people around the world make resolutions concerning their habits and behaviour. We want to improve. Whether this happens in reality is another story.

Whilst the New Year fills some with hope, for others, it is dread. Worries about employment, money and housing predominate. Relationships with family and friends may change and not always for the better. Loss of a loved one may be a real possibility for some of us.

We do not know what this year will bring. We may fail dismally in our resolutions. We might experience an unfortunate event. Let us pray for each other that these things do not happen, or, if they do, that their effect is mitigated.

One door closes. Another door opens. May God sustain us with His grace in whatever this year brings. May we always remember that Christ Jesus is present in our lives. Whatever happens, let us turn to Him for comfort.

Finally, may we be thankful for our blessings where and when we find them. Things could always be much worse.