Today we had Epiphany readings at church.

The sermon was excellent. The priest gave us five takeaway messages about this feast day.

1/ The arrival of the Magi showed that Christ came to earth for Gentiles as well as Jews. The Epiphany represents this divine revelation.

2/ The three gifts were showing that they believed a King had been born. This is the reason they brought gold, associated with kings and rulers.

3/ Frankincense was used by the high priests. The Magi sensed that the infant Jesus was a High Priest.

4/ Myrrh was used as a medicine and an embalming element. This gift foretold His horrifying death on the Cross — the once-sufficient sacrifice for the sins of the world.

5/ The Magi were astronomers. Astronomers were highly regarded wise men, similar to the famous scientists of our time. In the ancient world, stars were considered to be heavenly bodies with angelic characteristics. When the Magi saw the new star in the East, they followed its movement until it stopped. Their only error was in thinking that the Holy Child was born in sumptuous circumstances and calling on Herod to enquire if He had been born there. Herod knew the prophecies of the Old Testament. He feared that this child would eventually threaten his power. The Magi did not honour his request to tell him where Jesus was. Instead, after a portentous dream, they left Bethlehem by another route to return to their homeland.

These are a few brief points to remember and contemplate on January 6.

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