My thanks to reader Boetie who commented on Saturday, January 9, and sent a link to Catholic Cuisine.

Catholic Cuisine offers recipes for important feast days throughout the Church year. Food is a fine way to celebrate the Christian calendar.

Some of these recipes are modern, whilst others, like the Befanini — Italian Epiphany Sugar Cookies — are traditional.

The St Elizabeth Rose Rolls (pictured) look particularly appealing. Bread and roses are the symbols of both Elizabeth of Hungary and Elizabeth (Isabel) of Portugal.

Catholic Cuisine has simple ideas for the novice cook and advanced recipes for the more experienced. Bakers will appreciate the recipes with enriched bread dough, used to make the rolls above as well as kolaches for St John Neumann’s feast day on January 5.

My Protestant readers can make these treats without any reference to saints. Many of the traditional ones look delightful.

I have added Catholic Cuisine to my ever-expanding list of websites under ‘Food Resources’.