Regardless of where we are in the world, we can all discover a bit about our political leanings with the ISideWith quiz.

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The beauty of this quiz is that one does not need to submit any email address in order to get the results, which show instantly. They appear with the candidates’ names and percentage of agreement on overall issues with the ability to drill down for more detail.

When taking the quiz, one can also scale any issue’s priority up or down and ask for more nuanced answers from which to choose. One can also answer more questions on any topic.

Although the quiz deals with the 2016 presidential election, one might well be surprised at the findings. I certainly was.

Feel free to share your results below, and I’ll chime in, too.

My American readers might find this quiz helpful in making a more informed choice during primary season, especially in the coming weeks.

ISideWith has no affiliation with political or special interest groups. It also has similar quizzes for several other countries around the world, including many in Western Europe as well as Australia, Brazil and India.