Many people suffer from gluten intolerance.

When I say ‘suffer’, they really do, because they would love to eat the food that everyone else does, from pastries to bread.

Where bread is concerned, a number of websites have recipes for gluten-free sourdough starter along with suggested gluten-free flours.

Some gluten-free bakers say not to use millet in sourdough starters. However, Natasa Djuric from Slovenia uses it and even has a tabletop flour mill. She makes her own flour. See how she and her boyfriend worked with the starter. In this video, she walks us through his recipe for millet bread with millet starter.

In a guest post for Sourdough Surprises, Djuric discusses the different types of gluten-free flour, binding agents and equipment you will need for this type of sourdough starter. Djuric prefers making her own flour with the tabletop mill because grains are cheaper and the flour ferments more quickly.

Jeanne at Art of Gluten-Free Baking has two helpful posts beginners will be interested in: ‘Sourdough Starter: Gluten-Free’ and ‘Sourdough Starter/Bread (Gluten-Free) Troubleshooting FAQ’. Jeanne politely requests that people read her recipes and follow her processes thoroughly before writing in with questions.

Whole New Mom has a great post on how to make gluten-free starter. She also explains the nutritional benefits of sourdough.

And, finally, The Art of Gluten-free Sourdough Baking has an excellent post on making and maintaining gluten-free sourdough in a cold kitchen.

Please note that I do not have any personal experience with these flours. If you have questions, please visit the sites and ask the authors. Thanks!