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Embedded image permalinkRumour has it that Obama could visit the UK in an attempt to persuade us to remain in the European Union.

On June 23, 2016, Britain will have a referendum on whether to Remain or Leave the EU.

It has long been established that the American government, going back to Bush II’s administration, wants us to Remain.

London’s mayor, Boris Johnson (Conservative), heads the Leave campaign. On March 14, he wrote an article for the Telegraph on American influence in our decision. Boris, by the way, was born in New York City and only recently gave up his dual nationality to remain British:

Some time in the next couple of months we are told that President Obama himself is going to arrive in this country, like some deus ex machina, to pronounce on the matter. Air Force One will touch down; a lectern with the presidential seal will be erected. The British people will be told to be good to themselves, to do the right thing. We will be informed by our most important ally that it is in our interests to stay in the EU, no matter how flawed we may feel that organisation to be. Never mind the loss of sovereignty; never mind the expense and the bureaucracy and the uncontrolled immigration.

The American view is very clear. Whether in code or en clair, the President will tell us all that UK membership of the EU is right for Britain, right for Europe, and right for America. And why? Because that – or so we will be told – is the only way we can have “influence” in the counsels of the nations …

There is no country in the world that defends its own sovereignty with such hysterical vigilance as the United States of America. This is a nation born from its glorious refusal to accept overseas control. Almost two and a half centuries ago the American colonists rose up and violently asserted the principle that they – and they alone – should determine the government of America, and not George III or his ministers. To this day the Americans refuse to kneel to almost any kind of international jurisdiction. Alone of Western nations, the US declines to accept that its citizens can be subject to the rulings of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. They have not even signed up to the Convention on the Law of the Sea. Can you imagine the Americans submitting their democracy to the kind of regime that we have in the EU? …


On that subject, this is the only time I’ve ever agreed with Ted Cruz, so let it be noted. The Guardian quoted him on the hustings in North Carolina:

President Obama, if anything his campaigning against [Britain leaving] will make it more likely that England will pull out of the EU.

Obama could visit the UK in April as part of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s bid to encourage a Remain vote in June. He has time on his hands now that he is a lame duck president.

British readers should note that Obama is no friend of Britain’s, despite his friendship with Cameron.

Remember, it was Obama who quickly removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office in January 2009. A post-colonial ‘statement’, perhaps, but relevant nonetheless.

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