My better half and I have been watching the first series of (what translates as) France’s Best Bakery on the French television channel M6.

After having enjoyed an exciting third series in 2015, we are grateful that M6 has made earlier shows available for viewing.

The series, first filmed in 2013, involves a regional, then a national, competition among 84 bakeries. Shine Productions makes the programme and uses the same format as they did in Britain’s Best Bakery which last aired on ITV two years ago.

(Photo credit: Baguettes Unlimited)

A baker in one of the episodes we watched last week explained simply how he guarantees quality control among his young apprentices:

I don’t say, ‘Make a thousand baguettes.’ I tell them, ‘Make a baguette a thousand times — the way I taught you’. I get better results that way.

That’s a great piece of psychology. The same principle can be applied to anything, not just to bread-making. I shall keep that instruction as a note to self.