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On March 17, Churchmouse Campanologist turns seven!

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Many thanks to my readers, subscribers, commenters and referrers who have made this possible.

This site attracts a broad church of readers from all over the world, including — but hardly limited to — the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain and Singapore. It has been difficult to quantify fully as ClustrMaps stops working at least once during the year and requires reconfiguration.

A number of readers have translated my posts into Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, German, Korean and Manipuri (India).

My top ten referrers are —

1/ Facebook
3/ Reddit
4/ Muffled Vociferation
5/ Twitter
6/ Ichabod
7/ Frank Davis
8/ Not Another Episcopal Church Blog
10/ Reformed Churchmen

I would like to thank my fellow bloggers for their continued support and loyalty, both of which are very much appreciated.

My subscriber numbers have greatly increased over the past year. I am most grateful for their readership and insightful comments.

My top ten posts of the past year are as follows. This list is largely consistent with 2015’s:

1/ This quiz can help you find the right denomination  (25,595 views, 1st place second year running)

2/ The 1950s myth of the cola abortion (6,474, 3rd last year)

3/ Update on the Grant Horner Bible Reading System (3,066, 2nd last year)

4/ The truth behind the smoker’s lung pictures — they’re fake (2,776, 4th place for the second year)

5/ 15 facts about the Rosary (2,056, up from 6th place last year)

6/ My list of Calvinists for the non-Calvinist (1,994, up from 9th)

7/ Cadbury Dairy Milk: when chocolate won’t melt, there’s a problem (1,885, 7th again)

8/ Why are the doors on Episcopal churches painted red? (1,813, up from 10th place)

9/ The Anglican Prayer of Humble Access (1,518)

10/ Doubting Thomas — John 20:19-31 (1,505, down from 5th place)

Thank you to all my readers who have helped make these posts into Churchmouse Campanologist classics, relatively speaking!

In closing, I would like to extend a warm welcome to my newest subscribers. Your readership is much appreciated!

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