Now that Spring has sprung, many of us are thinking about new — or more — plants for our garden without spending too much money.

An easy and guaranteed way to get plant cuttings to root is to use an wine bottle filled with water as the growing medium.

I’ve been using this method regularly since friends shared it with me at university many years ago.

Tips for success:

1/ Use a wine bottle made from dark glass.

2/ The plant cutting should not be flowering.

3/ Be sure to top up the water level as necessary.

4/ Allow the cutting to develop a good root system before planting in soil. This might take several weeks, depending on the type of plant.

You can also leave the plant in the wine bottle. Most will grow quite happily. You’ll be amazed at the root system.

However, not all plants like such a wet environment. Once you see yellowing leaves, it’s time to transfer the plant to soil.

This is an ideal way to start or grow new plants, particularly for people who have a green thumb but do not have their own gardens. It’s tidier as soil is not needed. A plant growing in a wine bottle is also a great conversation piece.