The Telegraph reported today that the agreement the EU made with Turkey to do away with visas for Turks entering the Schengen zone could increase terrorism and organised crime.

The agreement will come into effect only if Ankara passes important anti-corruption and anti-terrorism reforms. It is thought this could be as early as June 2016.

The UK is one of the EU countries that is not in the Schengen zone. However, that does not necessarily mean we would be unaffected.

Sir Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6, warned of the folly of the visa deal, which the Telegraph reports:

was part of a hastily-assembled deal brokered by Brussels to halt the flow of migrants from Turkey to Greece.

Sir Richard:

warned that the decision to give Turkey visa-free travel is “perverse” and compared it to “storing gasoline next to the fire”.

Sir Richard also said that the EU will face a “populist uprising” if it fails to control migration.

Oddly, even a European Commission report acknowledged:

the “increased mobility into the Schengen area of criminals and terrorists who are citizens of Turkey, or who are foreigners based in Turkey.”


“Visa liberalisation could also have an impact on undetected entry into the EU of persons from Kosovo who return from war zones where they had joined terrorist networks,” the report says.

The Turkish mafia, which traffics vast volumes of drugs, sex slaves, illegal firearms and refugees into Europe may undergo “direct territorial expansion towards the EU” as a result of the deal, the report admits. “Suspect individuals being allowed to travel to the Schengen territory without the need to go through a visa request procedure would have a greater ability to enter the EU without being noticed.”

Kosovo is a hot spot because of all the weapons left over from the Balkans war. These are being smuggled all over Europe. Combine that with the increased risk of terrorism and it beggars belief that this visa deal should ever have come together.

The article states that an EU spokesperson said that ‘visa liberalisation’ could be withdrawn if it were abused.

However, thinking that the Turkish government would accept that is folly in and of itself.

The EU is signing its own death warrant. Brexit can’t come soon enough. Let’s hope the British public vote Leave.