The Left have long upheld radical Islam and various types of sexual orientation.

The attack in Orlando at the weekend has thrown both stances into sharp relief. An Islamist killed 50 people at an LGBT venue.

When the Charlie Hebdo massacre took place in January 2015, many on the Left said the cartoonists and magazine staff had it coming to them because they were provoking Muslims by featuring caricatures of their prophet.

Now that an Islamist has killed people he thought were sexual deviants — some heterosexuals also go to LGBT venues — must Leftists rethink their position on radical Islam?

Left-wing columnist and pundit Owen Jones walked off of the Sky News review of the newspapers on Sunday because he wanted to focus on the LGBT targeting. The Sky presenters wanted to focus on radical Islam and gun control:

Those who watched the broadcast or the video — see here and here — are confused by Jones’s ignoring the radical Islamic aspect of the attack.

Most of us also did not know he was gay. Nor did we know that conservative journalist Douglas Murray is gay. This is what Murray tweeted in response to Jones’s meltdown:

I’m sorry for Owen Jones. I would also feel guilty if I’d spent my life covering for the ideology that just killed 50 LGBT people.

Apparently Jones later tweeted to say he acknowledged the attack as being both homophobic and terrorist in nature.

All of these attacks, wherever they happen and regardless of the targets, are deeply anti-Western.

It’s time the Left woke up to the fact that radical Islam is not their friend. Perhaps Owen Jones has.