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A new group of mostly British — with some Irish and Canadian — websites has appeared on the scene.

They are the Martin Scriblerus Blogs, several of which have been around for at least a decade.

In 1714, some of England’s best known writers of the Augustan Age — including Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift — got together to form an informal group called the Scriblerus Club. They created the persona of Martinus Scriblerus, under which name they wrote satire criticising abuses of learning.

The group dissolved in 1745. During that decade, much of the output of the club was published under the title of The Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus. More emerged. The second edition of Pope’s The Dunciad contains work attributed to Martinus Scriblerus. Richard Owen Cambridge penned a mock epic poem called Scribleriad featuring Scriblerus as its hero. Henry Fielding’s The Welsh Opera is dedicated to ‘Scriblerians’. In fact, Fielding’s pen name was Scriblerus Secundus.

Fast forward to the 21st century where six bloggers decided to resurrect the memory of Martin Scriblerus. One of them, James Higham, invited me to join several days ago. Having read James’s Nourishing Obscurity for ten years, I was privileged and honoured to accept. I am also delighted to contribute to Orphans of Liberty, which he co-founded with another Scriblerus member, JuliaM.

Other Scriblerus blogs which I have enjoyed for at least ten years include Dick Puddlecote, Frank Davis, The Pub Curmudgeon, Underdogs Bite Upwards, Longrider and Head Rambles. Therefore, to join them on the Martin Scriblerus blogroll is yet another reason to be very happy indeed.

Most of us have small ‘l’ libertarian leanings and are fed up with the established order of things that the MSM and notional experts work so hard to cement into politics and society.

James Higham describes the Scriblerus blogroll this way:

… it’s meant to be an apolitical, loosely-based association of blogs of a certain quality. To us, this means:

  1. The blog is posted on more or less regularly or at least conveys the idea it’s alive and is cared for;
  2. It’s interesting and varied, not just a single issue rant;
  3. Though it might be mainly political, the politics is left at the door – only the quality of the blog earns the badge;
  4. It’s been around for some time and has a readership, no matter how small and dedicated;
  5. The blogger can string more than two words together in a more or less articulate manner.

The core idea is that each invitee, by definition, is quite busy in real life and can spare no time on any new scheme or venture. Therefore, the skeleton of the idea is quite minimal, pared back to the bone.

To indicate membership, I have put the Scriblerus badge along with my other affiliations just above my ClustrMaps graphic in the left-hand column. I might well make layout adjustments as to placement in future.

You can find the full list of ‘Martin Scriblerus’ sites listed much further up that left-hand column, just under ‘Food Resources’.

These sites to which I am happily affiliated offer some of the best in British socio-political insight and humour today.

I am most honoured to be among their number. Thanks, James!


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