Some American voters are experiencing difficulty in finding a presidential candidate for whom to vote.

These voters — and any curious readers overseas — can take the anonymous quiz, ISideWith.

Finding your candidate will take ten minutes of your time. You can up the priority on any or all of the questions and also ask for more nuanced responses.

This quiz is a brilliant vehicle for undecided voters.

Incidentally, I answered ‘no’ to almost all the questions, nearly all of which I left at medium priority. That produced the following result, which accurately reflects my views this year:

Donald Trump 90% (domestic/foreign policy, immigration, healthcare, crime and education)

Gary Johnson 87% (science, environment, economics, domestic policy, immigration, education, electoral issues)

Darrell Castle 71% (immigration, environment, domestic policy, education)

Jill Stein 33% (science and electoral issues)

Hillary Clinton 24% (electoral issues)

You might also be interested in results from other Britons.

If you like, please feel free to share your results in the comments!