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slippery‘For me but not for thee’ sums up freedom of expression in the West.

Conservatives must be shut up because the Left must control the narrative.

The Donald Trump narrative

In June 2016, Rachel Francon, a Donald Trump supporter, saw Facebook suspend her ‘Transgender person in support of Trump’ page.

It was not the first time. Facebook removed a photo of her supporting Trump with Breitbart technical editor and public speaker, the openly gay Briton Milo Yiannopoulos. Let’s not forget that, this summer, Twitter banned Yiannopoulos for life.

Another group that Facebook suspended was Genders United for Trump.

None of these corresponded with the leftist narrative. The Left create the narrative. Everyone must follow.

Conservatives, including the other-gendered, daring to create their own — especially when it favours Donald Trump — must be stopped.

Meanwhile, when a Facebook user registered a complaint about the ‘Assassinate Donald Trump’ page earlier this year, Facebook responded, in part:

We reviewed the Page you reported for having a credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.

Until this year, authorities always investigated threats or contemplating violence against presidential candidates. Those making such threats can be — and often have been — charged with a felony.

Therefore, it is curious that the ‘Assassinate Donald Trump’ page was allowed to stand when Facebook removed the equally threatening anti-Obama page of Trump’s ex-butler, aged 84, in May.

On this theme — Facebook aside — what about the new comic book which came out this month? It shows Trump being beheaded. Will there be no official investigation? There censorship is appropriate, in accordance with the law.

Facebook and hate speech

In February, Mark Zuckerberg visited Berlin to pledge that Facebook would be policing hate speech against migrants:

“This is an area where we recognize how sensitive it is, especially with the migrant crisis here …

“One of the things that is unique in Germany is that migrants are a protected class,” Zuckerberg said Friday. “And, frankly, before we started engaging more with government and civil society here in Germany, that wasn’t how we operated around the world.”

Yet, on August 25, The Guardian reported that a cross-party group of MPs in Britain accused Facebook — and other outlets — of not doing enough to police Islamic extremism:

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been accused by MPs of “consciously failing” to combat the use of their sites to promote terrorism and extremism.

A report by the Commons home affairs select committee says the social media networks have become the “vehicle of choice in spreading propaganda and the recruiting platforms for terrorism”.

The companies’ failure to tackle this threat had left some parts of the internet “ungoverned, unregulated and lawless”, said Keith Vaz, who chairs the committee. He demanded they worked much more closely with the police, to immediately shut down terrorist activity online.

It emerged last week that the authorities had struggled to get online posts by the convicted radical Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary taken down even after his arrest for inviting support for Islamic State.

The accused were unhappy. Twitter said that they had suspended 235,000 accounts since February. The MPs said this was ‘in reality a drop in the ocean’.

Facebook responded that they:

dealt “swiftly and robustly” with reports of terrorist-related content.

If it’s as ‘swiftly and robustly’ as with the Assassinate Donald Trump page, one wonders. If that page was removed, something similar reappeared. In June, Heavy reported:

Despite recently supporting a European Commission code promising to take down online hate speech within 24-hours of posting, Facebook has failed remove a group titled “I Want to F**king Kill Donald Trump” to the ire of his supporters.

The group was created on May 14 with a post reading “Donald Trumps Hair Looks Like A Bleached Mop – Gordon Ramsey 2016.” The most recent post is, “What Is Your Weapon Of Choice?” Asking what weapon people would use to kill Trump if given the chance.

Hate. It’s okay when the Left and extremists practise it.

Nothing to see here. Move along.


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