Last week, Big Media insisted that Donald Trump was going to be shut off from the black community in Detroit.

Sure, he would do an interview with Bishop Wayne Jackson of Great Faith International Ministries which will air on his Impact Network then attend one of his church services. But the Republican candidate would not be speaking with or addressing people. He would remain silent.

How wrong they were.

On Saturday, September 3 Trump gave a one-on-one interview to Jackson and attended a church service. Jackson announced that Trump had prepared a few words to say and that he was welcome to address the congregation. Jackson had a special podium brought out and Trump spoke.

Trump acknowledged at length the importance of black churches in American life. He talked about the importance of Christianity in America as a whole. He complimented Jackson on his interviewing skills, saying they were superior to that of professional interviewers. He also paid compliments to his wife, Dr Jackson. He spoke of the division in America and how people ‘talk past each other’. He said he wanted to unify America and to bring people together as a nation. He said he was proud to represent the party of Abraham Lincoln and put emphasis on the fact that Lincoln was a Republican. He was pained to see the closed shops and people sitting in doorways in Detroit because they had no jobs. He pledged to bring jobs to the city and get people working again. He also pledged that the schools would improve.

Trump ended with 1 John 4:12:

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.

He received a warm reception from the congregation.

Afterwards, Jackson gave him a prayer shawl which he had personally prayed and fasted over. He put it around Trump’s shoulders. He also gave him two Bibles — one for him and one for Melania.

He then spoke of the importance of reading the Bible when things got tough and situations seemed impossible. It was really moving. The congregation were listening intently, many taking pictures with their phones.

Then Reuters — the company filming the event — cut the filming.

The full address — and most of Jackson’s words — are in the following video:

A commenter at The Conservative Treehouse tells us what happened next (emphases mine):

I live in metro Detroit and was watching both a local stream from the church’s site and the networks feed on CNN from Reuters. I saw the networks video get cut live as it happened, where the feed from church was still going. I got to see the rest and it was the most moving part. I knew they were not going to let that happen since it would jump over everything negative they were trying to frame ahead and after the event.

This person continued:

The Pastor was providing a gift of … some sort of pin, maybe a cross? He stated something like when you [are] alone in the darkness… struggling with difficult decisions… you feel the weight of the world upon you, wear these and reflect to God to provide you with the wisdom and serenity to make the right choices. Something [of] that nature.

Behind the sound and the cameras, Reuters personnel were having a kerfuffle. One did not want to cut the feed and said he didn’t care if he were demoted. This video has dialogue, including subtitles, of what they were saying:

I’m shooting, I don’t care what … I’ll take a demotion …

Then, from the supervisor:

Shut this down

Answered with:



Shut it, yeah

And finally:

Yes, Michael. Do it.

Reuters — the company that changed its polling methods in July so that Trump would look as if he were sinking. It worked for a few weeks. But even Reuters’s polling fix can’t keep him down. The latest Reuters/Ipsos polls from Wednesday, August 31 show that Trump is only down by one and two points.

Reuters are shameful both in their polling and their censorship of a pivotal event.

Afterwards, Trump took a tour of the neighbourhood where Dr Ben Carson grew up and stopped in front of his house. Trump spoke with the lady who owns the house now as well as a few of her neighbours. Trump left, probably to see more of Detroit, and Carson spoke to CNN’s Jeremy Diamond.

The good doctor has infinite patience.

Diamond kept asking if Trump should have said in reference to black Americans at an earlier rally elsewhere in the United States ‘What do you have to lose?’

Carson kept explaining that it wasn’t the way Trump said it that mattered but the message behind that question. That was what people were missing. Including Diamond, but he is too much of a gentleman to say so.

In closing, someone else on The Conservative Treehouse said they were glad they saw those two videos — posted there — because they happened to watch a television newscast which said that Trump’s visit to Detroit had been a flop. There were protesters outside the church and he was made to feel unwelcome.

Well, there were protesters outside the church, but, inside, something very profound and solemn was taking place. His conversation with the people outside of Ben Carson’s home seems to have gone well, too, brief though it was.

Oh, yes. One last thing. Never mind what someone from CNN tweeted about the Trump campaign asking for the feed to be cut. That seems rather doubtful. Damage limitation, anyone?

How many more lies do we have to endure from Big Media?