Carl Bernstein, along with Bob Woodward, did forensic work over 40 years ago in exposing Watergate.

Today, we have something much greater in Hillary Clinton’s scandals. They make Watergate look like Boy Scout camp.

What have we heard from Bernstein about this? Take a look at the Clinton Foundation:

And let’s look at Watergate versus the Clinton email scandal:

In my churchy naivete, I always believed that Bernstein was an objective investigative reporter.

But, no, he’s in the tank for Hillary. No questions asked.

Not a peep from him this year.

Now imagine if it had been Donald Trump who deleted 30,000 emails. Bernstein would have had plenty to say and write about that.

Carl Bernstein only has something to say when it concerns GOP scandals, never his own party.

Deplorable? Yes, that’s a description that fits him, Hillary and the Democrats.