On Monday, September 19, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spoke to their supporters.

Clinton held a small meeting with students at Temple University in Philadelphia, a city that is in the tank for her. Temple has an enrollment of 37,788.

Jesse Watters was on hand to take a photo of a dozing student:

So this is the vibe at the Hillary Clinton “rally” right now… #imwithher #turnup

Look at the enthusiasm from the students. They look as if they are being held hostage. Still, they probably got extra credit for attending:


The Gateway Pundit reported that only a few hundred attended.

That might be because of Clinton’s health problems. She might need smaller venues.

She also needed to be helped up the stairs. Gateway Pundit has the photo.

Some readers might have seen a banner on Fox and Friends that morning (4:30-4:48) stating that Clinton was cancelling an appearance in California later that day. People’s Pundit Daily reported:

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has again cancelled an event in California as a result of her health and the campaign is claiming she is being treated for pneumonia. The cancelation marks the third day–following Monday and Tuesday of last week–that the candidate’s health has pulled her from the campaign trail …

On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton held a brief presser and spoke to reporters on her campaign airplane to respond to her rival Donald Trump regarding his comments after the terror attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York. Critics claim she appeared to be heavily sedated, or at least extremely fatigue[d] …

That afternoon, Trump held a rally in Fort Meyers, Florida. People started queuing at 8:30 a.m. The event was sold out, with 8,000 in attendance:

On September 20, RealClearPolitics shows Hillary with only a 1.3% poll lead over Trump and a 1.1% lead if the other two candidates — Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green) are factored in.

Big Media are panicking: ‘The fight isn’t going Clinton’s way’ (Boston Globe), ‘Dear Swing Voters: Please Don’t Do It’ (The Daily Beast) and ‘Wake up, Millennials, and back Hillary’ (New York Daily News).

Huffington Post went further with ‘Why Hillary Lost: A Premature Obit’.

The sites sceptical of or downright anti-Trump have these articles: ‘Trump Cutting Into Clinton’s Huge Lead With African-American Voters’ (Washington Examiner) and ‘Not Voting for Trump Is Republican Suicide’ (National Review).


Some say the turnaround is because of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where this took place on September 15. The Left are complaining that Fallon ‘humanised’ Trump:

Referencing the HuffPo article, self-identifying Hillary supporter Scott Adams (Dilbert’s creator) tweeted:

We can but see when the first debate takes place on Monday, September 26.