When the explosive device went off in the Chelsea area of New York on Saturday, September 17, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump called it a ‘bomb’.

News reports were later edited to show footage of Trump saying ‘bomb’ and Clinton advising caution. British media carried this same omission on Sunday’s news. I watched Channel 4, by the way.

Media analyst Mark Dice has full coverage of both using the word:

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence gave an excellent radio interview on Monday, September 19, to Sean Hannity. Early in the segment, Pence referred to the events in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota as ‘radical Islamic terrorism’. In order to combat that, he said that America needs a change of leadership:

That morning, Fox and Friends interviewed Trump, who also gave an outstanding interview on the terror threat as well as a variety of other topics, such as John Kasich’s lack of endorsement, despite having signed the Republican Party candidate pledge to support the nominee.

Fox and Friends rightly credited Trump for saying last year that the United States could expect more terror attacks.

Trump ably discussed the weekend’s attacks and lauded Israel for its profiling policy:

On profiling, CNN deliberately distorted Trump’s words. At no time did he ever mention ‘racial profiling’. He spoke only of ‘profiling’.

Scott Adams, Dilbert’s creator, rightly called out Clinton News Network:

This is yet another example of distortion in Big Media reporting.

Are you picking up on the bias? I know a lot of people offline who aren’t.

Add to that the blame Clinton piles on Trump — a private citizen:

On a brighter note, this is a great little video featuring Germaine, a Starbucks employee, taking drinks and food to New York policemen investigating last Saturday’s bombing:

New York is a great city with great people. Long may it remain so.