Edward Klein is a New York Times best-selling author.

He has written several investigative books on top Democrats: the Kennedys, Obama and the Clintons. He is the former editor in chief of the New York Times Magazine and a contributing editor to Vanity Fair.

His latest book, published on October 4, is Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation.

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The Daily Mail has an advance copy, excerpts from which appeared beginning on Sunday, October 2.

The exclusive information on Hillary’s health appeared on October 3. The excerpts from Chapter 25 are a must-read for those who know nothing about the subject.

Obama wanted to arrange a secret visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for Clinton, but she refused. She was afraid someone would leak it to the media. Instead, she has been going to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where she enters and exits by a private entrance. She can trust her doctors not to say anything.

Klein says that Clinton has serious heart problems:

she is suffering from arrhythmia (an abnormal heart beat), a leaking heart valve, chronic low blood pressure, insufficient blood flow, a tendency to form life-threatening blood clots, and troubling side effects from her medications.

I have documented Clinton’s health problems over the past few weeks. I have also posted about a doctor, a journalist and a talk show host who have lost their jobs because they have dared to speak the truth about her health!

Klein tells us that Clinton has had blood clotting problems for at least the past ten years, long before her fall in 2012, the subject of the next two passages below:

… it turned out that Hillary had an intrinsic tendency to form clots and faint. Several years earlier, she had developed a clot in her leg and was put on anticoagulant therapy by her doctor. However, she had stopped taking her anticoagulant medication, which might have explained the most recent thrombotic event.


A cardiac stress test indicated that her heart rhythm and heart valves were not normal.

At the time, I tried to contact the Clintons’ cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz. He refused to take my call. However, I learned through other channels that Hillary’s doctors considered performing valve-replacement surgery. They ultimately decided against it for reasons that were never made clear, although some sources speculated that Hillary did not want to risk the negative political fallout from stories about such a serious operation.

Klein confirms that Clinton has to wear Fresnel prism lenses in order to correct her vision. They are for people who suffer from double vision following a brain injury.

He adds that while her aide Philippe Reines said Clinton recovered quickly:

Bill Clinton revealed the true nature of her condition when he said that it had taken Hillary ‘six months of very serious work’ to recuperate from her concussion.

Hillary’s supporters say people who bring up her health are nit-picking, but Klein points out (emphases mine):

The presidency is the most stressful job in the world, and the physical condition of those who aspire to the office is of vital importance. In my book, Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary, I devoted five pages to an exploration of Hillary’s health. As far as I could tell, I was the first journalist to explore this critically important subject in depth.

That’s because everyone else knew they’d be sacked, Ed!

In her state, Hillary couldn’t find an ordinary job if she were an average American. Employers just would not hire her. She is too ill.

As for Dr Lisa Bardack’s letter about Clinton doing all the right things for her health, Klein interviewed Hillary’s friends who say her health habits are the opposite to what the good doctor described. She has no interest in yoga or having a personal trainer. Nor is she teetotal.

After Clinton testified about Benghazi in 2013:

Hillary swooned as she walked to her waiting car. She had to be carried by her aides and conveyed into the back seat.

Tension headaches continued to plague her and often made it hard for her to maintain her grueling campaign schedule, or to concentrate on a subject. In one of the emails released by the State Department, Huma [Abedin] confessed that Hillary was easily ‘confused.’ Huma frequently ordered campaign aides to alter Hillary’s schedule at the last moment so the candidate could catch her breath and take time out for naps.

Klein spoke with one of Hillary’s close friends who says that Bill Clinton is very worried about his wife’s health. He wants her to have more tests, but she refuses. Ultimately, she fears the results will be leaked and published online.

Klein’s conversation with Hillary’s friend revealed that, if it were up to him, Bill would gladly pull the plug on her campaign now.

The friend conceded that health is the major issue surrounding her campaign.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will not be able to manage a full working day, which, in the White House, can be 20 hours long.

Voters should be asking themselves who will be running the country while Hillary is incapacitated.

That is not an idle or speculative question. It is a realistic and serious one.