Who on earth would eat their own?

Yet, that is precisely what the GOPe(lite) are doing.

A group of men criticising Donald Trump for an 11-year-old private conversation and putting a lame GOPe plot into play whereby holier-than-thou hypocrites disavow their own candidate.

These men, including Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Jeb! Bush, are losers. They never supported Trump in the first place. They got on board post-convention but were looking for any excuse to get off the Trump Train. Here is a full list.

Billy Bush, incidentally, is a cousin of Jeb! and Bush 43. NBC have suspended him from the Today show because of the tape.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans who haven’t voted in years are supporting Donald Trump. So are an enthusiastic group of young adults like those at The_Donald (language alert). Breitbart and Alex Jones have teams of young, edgy, enthusiastic reporters who support liberty, freedom and transparency.

James Taranto has an excellent round up of the GOPe’s folly in the Wall Street Journal. He concludes:

We can’t fault Republican politicians who find Trump’s comments repugnant or who worry about their political fallout. But how can a party function, or even survive, if its leaders are at odds with its voters?

Trump’s behavior has often exacerbated that divide, but his nomination was primarily an effect of it. A plurality of Republican voters rejected the conventional GOP candidates—a majority if you consider Cruz to be, in his own way, an unconventional candidate. Some Nevertrump commentators have been forthright in blaming the voters for the party’s current predicament. If the politicians adopt that approach, they won’t have a party for long.

One of Taranto’s readers, Martin Soy, responded with this incredibly accurate assessment (emphases mine):

The Nevertrump Republicans look upon Trump supporters as something that they should scrape off the sole of their shoe.  

From a business analogy, you have a brand that is not gathering market share (Republican POTUS candidates), and you discover a whole new group of customers looking for a product (Trump supporters).  Now, as I understand it, in business, you figure out what your potential customers want, and configure your brand to get them to buy it.  You don’t tell them to get lost, which is what the Nevertrumpers want to do.  As JT said in July, and reiterated today, the Republican party is never going to be the same after this election. The Republican leadership can be on the bus, or under it. 

It is unbelievable. Trump has given that silly party a once-in-a-generation gift and these guys are throwing it away!

He’s the best candidate they’ve had since Ronald Reagan and is bringing in a load of voter support from disaffected Democrats, not to mention independents.

Until the weekend, most Trump supporters were going to vote Republican down ticket. 

A lot are now discussing voting for Trump only or for him and anyone but a Republican on the rest of the ballot.

I’m not sure that is a good idea. The US hardly needs more elected Democrats, but, in the end, this is what Republican party leaders have brought upon themselves.

I hope Trump wins, because I would like to see him reshape the Republican Party in a way that will last for many years to come. It could do with a top-down cleaning. These guys must go.

POSTSCRIPT — For those who want to discuss morality, here is another WSJ comment. Jeff Pitzen writes:

Person A: Invited a woman to a hotel room “suggested meeting” as an excuse, then proceeded to r@pe her, and at one point biting her lip.  Had a State trooper “procure” willing women for adulterous purposes, at least ONE of which refused his advances.  Had a 12 year AFFAIR with another.  In the spirit of keeping this short, while he occupied the highest office, often referred to the most Powerful Man in the World, used his position to s3xually harrass and obtain s3xual favors from a young woman who worked for him.

Person B:  Has had multiple affairs (these, we’re told by Democrats, are of a personal nature and none of our business).  To my knowledge, has yet to be accused, by anyone, of s3xual assault. 

Precisely. Here are two revered Democrats, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton:


Why do people around the world respect these guys yet denigrate Trump?

(I’d be delighted to give credit to someone for their excellent graphic. However, it’s been doing the rounds on the Internet anonymously.)