I am aghast to read Clinton’s Correct The Record people write in comment sections that Bill Clinton’s rape victims are conspiracy theory material.

These people were either not yet born or were not yet toilet trained during his administration.

Bill’s women were all over mainstream media in the 1990s, from the time he and his co-president Hillary entered the White House until the time they left.

I could read and see all about it in all the British press and on television, too. Even my apolitical colleagues became experts on the stories.

This is an adults-only post. It has sordid, sad and painful content — all because of Bill Clinton.

On Sunday, October 9, Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bubba’s alleged victims, gave an exclusive interview to Breitbart‘s Aaron Klein. It is clear that she still remembers what happened and how it felt as painfully now as when her ordeal took place in 1978.

For those who would prefer not to watch the video, Klein wrote a helpful article summarising the interview and what took place all those years ago. Excerpts follow, emphases mine:

Trembling, Broaddrick explained that she is still afraid of Bill Clinton and asserted that she is frightened by the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the election. She described the alleged rape in vivid detail, providing the most extensive window yet into the singular event that she says left her traumatized until today.

In one dramatic scene, a sobbing Broaddrick was embraced and consoled by another alleged Clinton sexual assault victim, Kathleen Willey, who was present for the filming.

Willey tells the crying Broaddrick: “It’s not your fault. Okay. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. You didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t do anything wrong. Okay. Okay?”

Broaddrick and Willey were in our nation’s capital last week to discuss how their lives were devastated by their respective experiences with the Clintons. They also emphatically warned about what a Hillary Clinton presidency could mean for women in general—and the Clintons’ perceived enemies in particular.

Broaddrick was a nursing home administrator and a volunteer for Bill’s gubernatorial campaign in Arkansas that year. She says that he singled her out during a campaign stop to the nursing home where she worked. The alleged rape took place at a Little Rock hotel.

The partial transcript has the details of the incident, which you can read for yourselves, however, some excerpts follow, including the fear she still feels — not only about Bill but also Hillary:

And he grabbed me again, very forcefully. And started biting on my top lip. And this was extremely painful. I thought he was going to bite my lip off. And that’s when he pushed me back onto the bed.

KLEIN: He bit you at the top of your lip. He pushed you onto the bed. And then what happened?

BROADDRICK: It’s been so long and it is just so hard to go into. I need to stop.


BROADDRICK: You, know, why? Why is it still so painful?


KLEIN: What is going through your mind right now?

BROADDRICK: That I am afraid of him.

KLEIN: You are still afraid of him?

BROADDRICK: Yes. That I am still afraid. Especially if she becomes president. And I know it’s looking that way. So it’s frightening, Aaron. It’s frightening.

In a second exclusive video for Breitbart, Broaddrick explains why she fears Hillary. A summary and excerpts follow:

Like other rape victims, Broaddrick blamed herself. And, as is true for other rape victims, she was still in a state of shock several weeks later:

She said she attended a private Clinton fundraiser at the home of a local dentist, where she had an encounter with the Clintons and was directly approached by Hillary.

Broaddrick had to be there because she had cheques from donors for Bill’s campaign:

She says she went to the fundraiser about thirty minutes early in an attempt to avoid the Clintons.

Instead, she says, Bill and Hillary Clinton arrived early, as well.

Broaddrick recalled:

And they come in early from the kitchen area. And just before they do, a gentleman who had driven them from the airport comes straight over to me. He was supporting Clinton but he didn’t know what had happened to me even though he was a friend. And he said the topic of the conversation all the way from the airport was about you.

And that startled me. And I knew I had to get out of there. Well, just as he moved here comes Hillary straight for me. And she gets to me and she starts saying, ‘I just want to thank you for everything you are doing for Bill’s campaign. And it’s so nice to meet you.’ And all of these things.

So I just nodded and I told my friend, ‘Let’s go.’ And I thought somebody from behind had grabbed a hold of my arm. But it was her. She grabbed a hold of my arm and my hand and she pulls me into her. And she says with this very angry look on her face, which had been so pleasant seconds before. And in a low voice, says, ‘Do you understand? Everything that you do.’ And that frightened me.

 She thinks that Hillary already knew what happened:

“That he raped you?” I asked.

“Yes,” Broaddrick stated. “And that she was telling me to keep quiet.

“To keep quiet about her husband’s rape?” I questioned.

“Yeah,” she stated.

Hillary is not a nice person. She puts on a show for the public and is very different privately.

More to follow next week.