A Marine posted the following video at Reddit’s The_Donald on October 15.

It is profoundly sad to see Old Glory desecrated by a group of high schoolers who have no respect for it or for their country.

Their coach and the school should talk about the importance of the flag at a mandatory hour-long class assembly.

I realise this desecration is being done because of a certain trendy, yet ignorant, professional football player whose name will never appear on my site. Why anyone gave him the oxygen of publicity I will never know.

May God bless the man — a veteran with a walking stick! — who cared enough to pick the flag up off the ground. He knows what it represents as well as how many men and women have died to keep it flying.

The comments following this post at The_Donald are edifying. Most of the subreddit’s members are twenty-somethings. They applaud this brave American and criticise the students.