Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka says, reads the newspapers and cuts out articles about everyday Americans in difficulty whom he can help.

What follows are only a few examples of his generosity. There are more. Few people know about these acts of kindness and compassion. However, those who think he is mean and nasty might be interested in this:

In 1986, Trump gave $20,000 to stave off foreclosure of the Hill family farm in Georgia. Mr Hill was so distraught over the possible loss of the farm, which had been in his family for three generations, that he committed suicide. He thought that by doing so, his family would receive his life insurance benefit. Of course, insurance companies do not pay out on suicides. A wealthy Atlanta businessman, Frank Argenbright, arranged for a press conference for Hill’s widow Annabel to explain her plight and the intransigence of the bank where the mortgage was held. Incredibly, the press conference was covered on national news. Trump’s then-wife Ivana — mother of Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric — saw it on television and implored her husband to help. Trump did so and held a mortgage-burning ceremony in Trump Tower two days before Christmas, with Mrs Hill and Mr Argenbright in attendance. Mr and Mrs Hill’s daughter recounts the story from her mother’s journal, complete with photos:

In 1991, in Manhattan, Trump halted a vicious mugging involving a baseball bat. At the time, he, his then-wife Marla Maples — mother of Tiffany Trump — and another couple were on their way to a pop concert. The photo of the New York Daily News article comes courtesy of Epoch Times, which has more on the story:

Trump stops a mugger

Several years ago, Maury Povich, who has his own television talk show, got in touch with Trump — a close personal friend — to help a little girl who has bone disease and her mother. Trump apparently responded most generously, because Povich asked the child if she could count all the zeroes on the cheque:

In the following video, Jerry Falwell Jr discusses four more of Trump’s charitable acts: financing a new church ministry, keeping a basketball tournament in Harlem alive, paying off the mortgage of a couple who helped him when his limo broke down and keeping two businesses in a small town alive after a local manufacturing plant moved to Mexico:

Falwell reminds all of us that we shall be known by the fruits of our faith. Trump, he says, exhibits these in these acts of charity, done quietly.

He says these fruits of faith are more important than knowing that it’s ‘Second Corinthians’ rather than ‘Two Corinthians’, as Trump had said at church in Kansas during primary season.


May God continue to bless Donald Trump and his family in these perilous times.

America really is in a war right now between Good and Evil.

Some Christians do not realise that they have been watching and listening to too much Big Media.

Even atheists and agnostics can sense that something powerful beyond their comprehension is happening in the United States during this election cycle. Why can’t churchgoers?


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