A new term emerged this election cycle: bird dogging.

Democrats use this dastardly technique. It involves paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies.

One of James O’Keefe Project Veritas videos exposes how it is done. Please be warned about the filthy language. That said, it is a must-see to find out how shameless and criminal they are about it. (It’s subtitled throughout, so you don’t need sound.) Recruits are often mentally ill or homeless:

This is criminal activity.

And Hillary Clinton — the good Methodist — knows all about it.

It should be noted that Scott Foval was fired from his job as National Field Director (!) at Americans United for Change (Criminality, more like) as soon as this video appeared on Wednesday, October 17.

The following day, Bob Creamer, founder and director of Democracy Partners resigned from his post.

You can be sure these two will be back for a future election. That’s how Democrats roll.

What follows is a real example of bird dogging from WikiLeaks. The graphic comes courtesy of a contributor to The_Donald (click to enlarge):

And there is more criminal activity, albeit of a non-violent nature.

On October 23, the Washington Post published an article about illegal aliens going door to door in Virginia soliciting votes for Hillary.

You couldn’t make it up. These people are in the United States illegally and have the nerve to influence Americans’ votes.

Excerpts follow (emphases mine):

Unable to vote in the presidential election, a group of undocumented immigrants is knocking on doors in Northern Virginia in support of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates, convinced that the outcome of the vote will determine whether they can secure a path to citizenship in the country they have known since childhood.

The vote-seekers are some of the 750,000 recipients of temporary legal status under the Obama administration’s 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program …

“All DACA recipients should take this on as an added responsibility, to change the power structure,” said Luis Angel Aguilar, 28, who received his protected status in 2013 and is helping to coordinate the effort. “Our voices need to be heard,” he said.

The DACA volunteers come from CASA of Virginia. The main CASA organisation is based in Maryland.

Note how Ms Hinojosa mentions bird dogging Trump supporters with DACA and engaging immigrant organisations.

The WaPo article has a picture of a man with the CASA volunteers. The caption reads:

Jaime Contreras, area director for Service Employees International Union, welcomes people gathered at CASA of Virginia as they prepare to knock on doors to mobilize the immigrant vote for Hillary Clinton, in Woodbridge, Va.

No doubt that man is probably a nice SEIU member. (And the CASA volunteers are probably polite, too.)

However …

The SEIU is a radical union bent on violence and destruction. They have caused violence at peaceful Tea Party demonstrations, and they advocate the overthrow of the American economy. I wrote about these purple-shirted hooligans and organisers in 2011, citing an article from It Doesn’t Make Sense, ‘Union Thuggery and Skullduggery’, which says, in part:

There is now evidence that the SEIU planned to destroy the American economy in order to impose a wealth distribution oriented, socialist government

We are seeing this now where squatters simply occupy a dwelling and refuse to leave. SEIU sends their union thugs into banks to disrupt them and assault people who protest their actions.

The video below shows how racist and ugly they are:

Returning to the WaPo article, we discover that CASA volunteers are conducting door-to-door canvassing in not only in Virginia, but also in Pennsylvania, Arizona and other battleground states.

However, having DACA — ‘protected’ — status does not play well with all voters, especially legal immigrants:

… in a swing state where Trump has recently renewed efforts to win over voters, that does not guarantee sympathy. At a home in Herndon, Pat Blizard, 78, told [volunteer] Lopez that she already voted for Trump with an absentee ballot.

“I’m sorry,” Blizard said, noting that she was frustrated with the spread of Spanish-speaking residents throughout the region. “I’m originally from Spain. My father never let us speak Spanish. He said, ‘You live here.’ ”

Reader reaction came thick and fast — and not from the usual WaPo lefties, either. One man wrote two representative comments (here and here, respectively):

The surest way to take over another country or state or neighborhood is to simply replace the existing population. So when you hear that the demographics of the United States is changing from American to Latin American, you’ll know what’s happening.

Somehow, I don’t think that’s what Americans want immigration to do. Immigration must be LEGAL, balanced, and slow enough for assimilation so we don’t lose the basics like our common language.

They broke the first U.S. law they didn’t like now they’re unhappy with their status and want Hillary to put them above the law!

Well, this country works because we at least strive to make everybody follow the law or suffer the consequences and foreign nationals who are in our country illegally do not get a pass! Legalizing illegal aliens is NOT the way to reform immigration! We have laws, they simply need to be enforced. Eventually, when living here ILLEGALLY is no longer rewarding, illegal immigration will cease to be a problem; there is no quick fix that will last!

Please circulate this information to undecided voters among friends and family.

If this doesn’t encourage them to vote for Donald Trump, what will?

The closing graphic comes from The_Donald